The dream of prophecy – the dream of being shot – what do they mean?

Do you dream of being shot? What is your awesome dream? Do you feel troubled

If your recent nightmare is absolutely upset, you will not be alone.


[1945900] [1945900]

[1945900] A man with automatic rifle boldly trying to kill me. He and I are the only people in this barren field, so my situation is indisputable. The man ruthlessly fired at me for the purpose of revenge. He has a weapon, I have nothing to fight back. Since I can not protect myself, I panic. I tried to get as close as possible and avoid, but I ended up knowing that one of the missiles would hit me.

Suddenly, the firing of the road stopped

I heard a cry, looked up at the direction of the gunmen. He was in pain and was holding his head. Obviously, there was something behind me from the face. I turned to see what it was, low, a man there was a sling gun

The man once again shot the gunman again for the second time, this time, the slingshot rock gunmen took him away from me. It violates how logic takes place. The little rock from the slingshot flew through the air at an alarming rate and shot the gunmen with amazing precision and incredible power. It's like a five-foot-wide pipe shot, if there's such a thing.

Before I knew that the gunman left his gun at a weak speed and fled the scene. Then I heard a voice saying to me: "Quickly grab his weapon and destroy it!" Who is this voice, I do not know. But the sound sounds very authoritative. May be slingshot men, I do not know. Im as soon as I was told to start removing the rifle.

This is the time when I broke up my awake weapons. I laughed and smiled on my face. This is a dream of a spelling victory. But from what aspects to win?

Because this dream is good for me, I think there is nothing to worry about. So I do not care, I soon forgot. Big mistake!


During the year of this dream, a series of unfortunate things fell on me, and I gradually began to understand the dream meaning you see, even though I am At the end of the dream was saved by the unknown, but still did not erase the fact that the gunmen tried to hurt me many times.

At the beginning of the narrative my dream, I said the gunman had an automatic rifle, and he ruthlessly fired at me. Not once, not twice, but several times.

Now, every bullet he launches in my direction is clearly counted as every question that I will appear in the near future. Yes, I did have a big problem. Luckily, as in a dream, I got a miracle from these questions.


The bottom line here is simple. If you dream of being shot, you need to worry … very worried. But before you panic, you have to answer a few questions to determine if the danger is really lurking.

Before your dreams, do you remember to hear or see anything related to guns (action movies, news, hear stories, etc.)? Do you remember to read information about guns or shots in newspapers or other reading materials?

If you are the answer to these questions are NO, then be very careful. Make sure you often pray.


In my dreams, although I was shot, but I have never been hit or grazed through any flying bullets. So I know that no matter what happens, as long as the dream in real life, I will not suffer any unpleasant situation. I may be feeling of fear and / or anxiety (as in my dream of being shot), but I know that I will come out for me in any future victory and no harm, just like

Now that if you happen to have a dream on the other hand, you find yourself really hurt in this dream, then the realization of your nightmare may be completely different from


Ladies and gentlemen, I am not here to frighten you. But what I see through the dream, and the events that I have witnessed in my life, make me write this article is a mandatory obligation. You must understand that the dream is to communicate with the human world using the "spiritual power" of the main means of communication

You should know how to identify these divine communication you receive them, and how to analyze and understand them. Being able to master the art of decoding dreams will help you prepare to meet your unavoidable adversity, or point out if it is now in the right direction.