The five things you need to know about buying or selling a house

This article aims to solve the real "big ticket" project that I think buyers or sellers can not ignore at all. In my opinion, these are all must be done, and even began to put the house on the market to sell or start the process of buying a house.

For most of us, our homeland is the largest asset we will have. More and more is our accumulation of equity or "wealth" of an asset, we can borrow the debt, the use of collateral for credit lines, and even the absorption of pension funds. So when we buy or sell our family, it is usually not just to provide or change the roof on our head.

Putting the emotional part of "the heart of the family" into the mix, you have a very complicated and layered investment. The house of the house as a structure rather than a nursery, and rarely, they will take home their first birth, they can call them their own place, they will entertain friends and family, Nest, where they will start the marriage, grandmother will have their own space and close to the care of the room, the son or daughter will remember a childhood place, yes, sometimes people gathered at the bed to speak goodbye.

Facing a sometimes daunting, sometimes exciting, sometimes shocking, and sometimes frustrating purchase or sale task, making action plans is often helpful; a set of goals; blueprints (Not a pun) because it is used to navigate the process of buying or selling a home. To this end, the following attempts to provide knowledge, advice and guidance from many professionals to collect and compile, have many years of experience.

So let's get started Some of them may repeat you because you may already know or understand the information provided. But, in general, its intention is to provide a complete picture of a wide range of personal experience, to a certain extent to solve a problem or view, not only with the reader, but also valuable to them. In fact it is quite possible that the list provided here can save thousands of dollars and / or major heartache.

No. 4 – Pre-arranged personal financial information

If you have to qualify for housing loans, raise your hands before. For those who raised their hands, you already know the exercise, and how non-human, exploration and detailed evolution. You have found your dream home, you imagine vacation, birthday, wedding, hope, dream, family, friend, love and happiness. Then, the qualified family loan screams and collisions met the dream. Be prepared for preparation for the reality of the situation and for the smooth progress of the parties concerned.

Listed below is the first time or any time I recommend buyers to prepare a house in advance, be sure to talk to the mortgage broker in advance. This information, combined with your credit scores and reports, allows you to get a clear advantage, the necessary conditions for completing a loan package, and how to save time that is critical to your purchase when you consider the available loan packages. In addition, even the most important thing is to prepare all of this in advance, will give you an accurate understanding of your professional team, you earnestly buy the family. I will give you insurance, commissioned professionals to seriously treat people who are more likely to work, do not waste time.

O The last two years of tax returns.

O Financial statements prepared by accountants, if possible.

O Lease, lease copy and 12 month cancellation of check, display rent on time.

O The last two months of electricity bills.
O copy of driving license and social security card.

O Housing Final Purchase Contract (if applicable).

O If you are an individual operator, the mortgage company may ask you for your personal and business tax form for the past two years and your company's latest annual income statement.

O divorce settlement documents (if applicable).

O Update the value of the application listing the assets listed in the updated account report.

O Information about debt or credit reporting items that may have been in arrears or inaccurate.

O evidence of your mortgage payment, such as cancel the check.

O If you receive a gift of money from your relatives, it is an irrevocable gift letter.

O Your bank account and bank branch address, as well as the first 2-3 months of the check and savings account table.

O last two payroll, W2 withheld, two years of tax return, or other proof of employment and income verification.

O The last few billing period of the credit card bill, or cancel the rental payment or utility fee payment, showing the payment history and the working capital amount.

O Information about other consumer debt, such as car loans, furniture loans, student loans and retail credit cards.

Organize and put all this information in a tricyclic binder with a separator. Make three copies, one for your mortgage brokers and two other copies, one for yourself and one for the needs (more likely).

No. 5 – Common sense and not to the buyer and seller

Often, common sense is not common. In my opinion, people will want the stranger to enter the best impression of your home, even if they will not give you thousands of dollars in exchange. I think sometimes, life let us go so fast, we forget this. For this reason, the following is a very good proposal for compilation in order to put it in the market when placed in the home. Aunt aunt can also use some of them.

O If you buy a house, for goodness, do not go out after the application to buy a car or any other big ticket project loan. This includes applying for credit cards and making credit card purchases. If you have to buy something on your credit card, please make sure you do not have 30% of your credit card.

O If you are selling a house clean. Take a gray paint on the wall, illuminate the bathroom, clean the carpet, replace a cat box, so that it does not smell the windows and doors, make it easy to open, without creak, clean the windows, polish the door handle. Remove all electrical and other items from the kitchen counter to show the counter space. Please remove all debris from the shelves, cabinets and storage rooms.

O When your house is priced for sale, do not price it too high Yes, you can go down at any time, but then your buyer may have bought something else. In addition, the price reduction marked a sign of despair, or something that is making the property not being sold.

If, at all possible, grow some flowers in front, or at the time of sale, potted plants will be placed on the front spruce. So that the front door looks as fresh and new as possible. If necessary, apply the front door, absolutely illuminate the door of the hardware, clean up the backyard, as far as possible so that the yard looks neat and clean, like crawling leaves and mowing. Put a luxurious new door mat in the front door. You can always be with you, but it helps to give a good first impression. And put down the toilet seat!

(Due to limited space, this is the five things you need to know when you buy or sell a family. If you want a full article, please visit our website and we will send you a free copy .