The Future of the Indian Local Market (Market)

In India, once a week the market (market) was held. People from villages often used to come together to buy their daily needs. Such markets are also occasions where people meet and know their neighbors. Even today, when the country is growing rapidly, the culture of the mall still retains the old norms. In order to make shopping a pleasant experience shopping centers have special days discounts and sales. They also believe in people. As a result, they conduct games, DJ meetings and telephone celebrities to promote their shopping centers and its culture.

In this case, the local market is slowly losing its light. Local markets that sell cheap but somewhat durable products are losing their share because in this area even future marketers are big entrants to online shopping. Since the local market has always been popular, it is over the past decade, noting the transition. This change is rapid, but not so strong, it can eliminate the local market trend. Mumbai's famous local market, 'Fashion Street' has slowly lost customers because of the huge options available for shopping centers and online shopping for people in India's future market.

The future of shopping is online shopping because it offers numerous benefits. Future markets offer a wide range of options, including international brands and retailers. Anytime, anywhere convenience of shopping increases its popularity, because it greatly reduces the shopping time and effort. The local market in India is not convenient for shopping during the monsoon season. Parking is a problem because these markets are located on busy streets. The same or even better quality products can be traded in the mall and online at the same cost or even better. The online site offers auction facilities that enable users to determine their price and value

The local market has an advantage as they offer the feeling of the product. People can touch and know the quality, and can verify the seller's statement. Even such facilities are offered on popular online shopping sites such as, which offer local store and retailer options so they can get products locally. This is important for consumer durable goods that require close inspection and after-sales service. Future Markets will be a combination of local and online sellers, who work together to provide consumers with the greatest convenience.