The iguana as a pet – 5 top reasons people do not keep iguana

The following information will allow you to think twice about iguanas as pets. Do not mislead your iguana because your friend has a misleading.

Here are a few points to note, which will change your attention to the iguana as a pet.

1. Buying an iguana will burn a hole in your pocket.

Purchasing iguana is just the beginning and also the cheapest area for pet iguanas. With the series, you need to get a set of accessories and equipment that need to take care of your Iguana. You should also get a special cage fitted with special lighting to keep its body temperature.

You need to get some shelves, it climbs up, and there is a timer that constantly watches the temperature changes. Should consider its diet. The need for adequate calcium and other vitamins in food to keep them healthy.

Problems may hamper your pet iguana.

Its size may deceive you to think that it is a harmless silent pet. Even if they are small, they need the same treatment and attention as other pets do. They need to be careful when handling.

Their place should be kept clean and regularly washed. If you want the iguana to be trained and managed, you should tame yourself

To train your iguanas early, this should be done every day. You should also seize them young, as they become restless and difficult to tame as they grow.

3. Use iguanas to keep your distance.

Like a dog, cat or rabbit, you can not embrace your iguana. You can not even hold them in your lap. You can only hold them on your shoulder or in your arms.

You should remember this, especially in your first contact with iguanas, as they will be tamed otherwise you may end up with a scratched and even bite

4. Iguanas are impolite.

Iguana considers all other animals as enemies or dangerous predators, waiting to kill them for a meal. So no matter how much you try, you can never build a harmonious relationship between the iguana and your other pets.

Because of their size the Iguanas have a huge danger of being squeezed or trampled on other pets being played with it. This is why iguanas prefer to stay in darkness and corner, one of the reasons they think it is safe

5. Iguana to keep out of the scope of the child.

Never let your child think of an iguana as a pet.

If you think your child is not mature enough to handle an iguana, you may not be able to handle the iguana, , Better insist on safer pets such as

So what information do you think will prevent you from getting a pet iguana?