The importance of homework

Homework has been a part of student life since the beginning of formal school. However, this practice is sometimes accepted by educators and parents, and others are rejected. This is because homework may have a positive and negative impact on children's learning and attitudes towards schools. Some educators believe that students should not be given work. Homework means a child at home. Means means means Others think that five hours in school is enough, and some work at home needs to be added. Not homework is objectionable, but its nature and quantity are criticized. But if the importance and need of the work is not true

Take advantage of the leisure time of the child, otherwise it will be wasted. It may establish the habit of hard work, but also often used. We know that good tasks, successfully completed, can help children develop healthy habits and attitudes. Homework can help parents understand their children's education and communicate with children and schools. It can encourage lifelong learning hobbies. For children to bring benefits.

Homework can help students develop learning skills, even after leaving school. It can teach them to learn to happen anywhere, not just in the classroom. Homework can also benefit the child in a more general way. It can promote positive character traits such as independence and responsibility. Writers can teach children how to manage time

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