The Indian Garment Industry Brief

The apparel and apparel industry deals with the advertising, design and sale of fashion apparel. Each production of clothing has its own specific theme, purpose and target market. In order to classify the upcoming trends, the fashion industry is in close contact with designers and marketers to track all the basic requirements of consumers. The art and work related to designers is not limited to the design of clothes, but also extends to fashion accessories such as shoes, bags, jewelry and so on. The interest in fashionable clothing is boundless to rise, so there are opportunities and competitions there.

The two main driving factors affecting the world of apparel are the end-user's taste and relative manufacturing costs.

How does the garment industry work?

In order to function effectively, the garment industry requires versatile skills and equipment. Usually most garment manufacturers specialize in making one or two forms of garments. In addition, the integrated manufacturer plans and clothing in their own manufacturing factories and market their own clothing brands. Garment manufacturing is one of the most sought after businesses today. With the new fabrics, designers, technology into the market, the garment industry has further development and progress of the huge space