The novel "Green Hero" Abstract

Stephen King's novel "Green Hero" Any summary must include some famous horror novelist himself. He published the novel in 1996 as a serial novel, the first edition actually appeared in the six paperback book, and later was written as a novel. The king is famous for his horror fiction, so the summary of the novel "Green Mile" shows that the book was separated from some of his other works in the 1930s

The novel "Green Mile" is a summary of the episode and setup. This story took place in 1932 at the E-Block (death line) of the Lengshan prison in Georgia. By the protagonist described by Paul, who is the captain of the warden who supervises E. The title of "Green Mile" is the corridor leading to the cell between the execution cells of the cell. This corridor is covered by green linoleum and is therefore the last moment of death or green miles of prisoners

This story tells John Kofi, John Kofi is a large black prisoner who is Rape and murder of two young white girls, two other prisoners on death row, and guarding their guards. Paul found that Kofi was special, and he had a magical healing ability that became apparent. He made friends with a little white mouse, and he called him, and when the savage guard Percy Wetmore tried to kill, he treated the rats. He also cured Paul's kidney infection, and later Paul took him from prison spirit. To cure the warden 's wife' s brain. Coffey transferred the encephalopathy to Wetmore, the prisoners and the staff do not like the sadism. Wetmore will never recover and spend a psychiatric hospital for the rest of his life.

Finally, Paul finds that Coffey is an exception in many places. It turned out that he did not murder two girls, and another prisoner (William Wharton) did the same. Coffey did not want to be forgiven because he could not bear the cruelty of real life and died on an electric chair. After his death, Paul found that everyone, Kofi had cured a very long life. Paul is at the end of this book is 108, Mr. Jingle is 64. They do not know how long they will live, the novel is over.


Summary of the novel "Green Hero" includes the characters in the novel

Paul Edgue – Paul is the protagonist of the novel. A prison guards, at the end of the story, he is an old man, this part of the life to a friend who is writing memoirs.

John Kofi – A nearly seven-foot black man, a convicted murderer waiting for his death penalty in prison death row. He made a white mouse and healed their illness.

Percy Wetmore – a sad prisoner, we do not like it. He tortured the prisoners, trying to kill Mr. Lions of the rats, and deliberately punished the prisoners for serious execution. He keeps working because he is related to the governor.

Edward Delacroix – A Cajun man who was convicted of arson, he was essentially a coward. He was killed in the hands of Wetmore

William Wharton – another criminal, who proved that he was actually committing the murder of John Kofi. He is brutal and terrible, trying to disrupt prison as much as possible before death.

Spirit – Living in 64-year-old white mice, met by John Kofi