The Origins of the Stock Market

When did the world officially invest? When will the stock market start? The stock market can be traced back to 200 years. The stock market originated in Europe 400 years ago, before the Industrial Revolution. Many mature businesses want to invest in a huge business. However, this can not be presented by a single merchant. As a result, they gathered together to pool their funds and start new business as partners. Each partner's contribution to the business is expressed in a unit. This approach is the initiator of the shares. This produces a joint-stock business. Thus, the origin of the stock market begins

The initial stock market transaction begins with an informal note. With the increase in the number of shares outstanding, the number of shares increased, and felt the need for organized local exchange of shares. Initially, the traders met at the coffee shop, which was used as a market.

Shares in 1920 when they were still British colonies. However, there are no rules and regulations, there is no formal market to manage the stock market activities. The transaction is based on a gentleman's agreement. During this time, people are engaged in the marginal income of the stock market. Mainly accountants, estate agents, lawyers and auctioneers

Early trade started in cafes and parks in the 17th century. The first transaction was established in Philadelphia in 1800 and was established in New York in 1817 and regulated the trading rules

In the early 1900s, people gained huge amounts of money from the market. The investment here was risk-free until this time there was no real major collapse. The market loses its title after the infamous collapse of 1929, which subsequently led to the Great Depression.

However, this is not the last time the stock market went through a doom. Since then, the market has seen a lot of volatility in its chart.

After the failure of the government in 1987, the government intervened to protect investors from bankruptcy, but so far their efforts have not been in vain because the stock market continues