The Power of Choice – Using Adversity as Catalyst for Change

Nobody will ever make a series through life without making

Error or judgment error.

I know I've shared it. Error is a part of life.

I do not mind doing them, but I do not want to repeat it

Let me share with you one of my biggest mistakes, more

It is important that I share with you the valuable lessons I have learned

From it

This is the year 1997. I have been out of poverty, growing up

My business investment from $ 100 a year to $ 200,000


I learned how to make money but no clue how to manage


Knowing me, we'll call her Joni, mention me

She bought a lot of stocks for a particular stock

Expected that it will soon split or triple the price

Within a few months. She told me she was investing in her life

Save as much as you can buy, I should do

the same

I thought, when I saved the money to buy my

Mom a new house, so I thought, hey, if I took $ 30,000 I had

Save and buy the stock – it's three times that would be

$ 90,000. Great move, right? (Mistake # 1)

Obviously, I've never bought a stock, I did not

ideas how to do it. So what did I do?

I heard my UPS guy (yes, my UPS guy) to invest in stocks, so I

Ask him how to buy a stock. He told me to go to XXX brokers

Towns (who will remain unnamed) and open an account. (error

# 2)

So I went to the broker and he eagerly helped me open an account

He completed the transaction and bought me $ 30,000

Specific stock. (Error # 3)

Within a few months, share prices plummeted from

$ 30,000 down to $ 400. This is not a typo, it has gone

$ 400.

I'm very angry.

I am very pleased with the other parties to guide me in creating one

Results. I have a good reason to be angry. I feel cheated. I

Means that I later learned that brokers violated the law and should never be

placed such a large order for the first time. they

I want to share with you because I want you to pause and think

On this point, the next time you experience a challenge, a difficult one

or a problem in life, especially when you are tempted to blame

You can see that I can from a "nail

My coffin "point of view:" Those people made me wrong, it's. "


I can see it as a "catalyst for change"

Perspective. Ie "I am responsible, I am making a decision for me

Without doing my diligent research, I invested too much in my first

Trade, I'll take a step back and re-evaluate my approach next

] nail in the coffin = I was a victim, I give my power when I am

Blame others


Change Catalyst = I appear to Victor because I am asking for my power

Change the present and the future by taking responsibility

You see, I can easily delegate responsibility to others.

If I do, I will never learn the lesson. I

Never changed. Although this is not easy, after reading

It, I know there are some things I can do


Whenever you blame yourself for your responsibilities,

The power is off.

Whenever you take responsibility, you ask for your ability

I know that despite the situation, I

is responsible for the loss. I made a series of errors

Judgments, and Their Intentions

As long as you blame someone other than yourself, you will not

Change. Nothing will change you. You will be doomed

By assuming your actions,

Even if you can prove yourself on the outside.

Let your mistakes serve you.

Learn from them and let them change you better.

Let them empower you

I turned one of my biggest mistakes into my greatest

Course and assume 100% responsibility, I allow it to serve

I am.

"Every problem consists of an equal or larger seed

Opportunity. Not some time, but all the time. -Jill Koenig

The fact remains that I still lost $ 29,600.

But it will not hurt.

It turns out to be a blessing to me many times

When you change the way you look at things,

at change.

Live Your Dreams