The Pretty Woman is making the brilliant Juliette Roberts, the famous film of the "Pretty Woman" and the Law of Attraction

. This is a good movie to discuss the law of attraction. The focus is on what, EXPANDS and everything comes to us, we are attracted by our EMOTIONS, or often called, our vibrations. Julia plays the role of Vivian, a woman in order to make enough money to pay her bills prostitution. She lives in Kit's another prostitute. From the beginning of the film, it is clear that Vivian's concept of WANTING in her life is more

is the indispensable doctrine of magic. We want (or ask) everything that is always given, asked, and it is. In order to receive what we ask, we must get high positive emotions and trust and know that it will come out.

Initially, Kit had just used their rent money to pay pimps and Vivian was outraged. When Vivian confronts Kit, Kit says, "Do not motivate me," Vivian replied angrily. "Excite you and stimulate you. I just saw a girl being taken out of the trash. You do not want to leave

Richard Gere is an unhappy, very wealthy man, an unfortunate man, an unfortunate man, because he says, "for the money", "he is by no means His own party had a good time to introduce him and he decided to leave his lawyer's car and return to his hotel when he was driving through Vivian and Kit busy at night when he was in trouble driving Lotus Supreme, Having borrowed the car, Vivian just knew a lot about the car, and when she approached him to invite him as a client, she proposed to the Edward Hotel for $ 20. A man can see her nature in this exchange, and she has a strong confidence that she speaks clearly

Edward invites her into his attic suite. At first she could only stay for an hour and then at night, then Edward invited her to spend $ 3,000 with him to spend the week. "I will pay you for the whole night in my" beckon phone "for a whole week, they are all a commercial adventure, their romantic relationship begins

Their first night together, Edward worked all night, Vivian said in the morning: "You do not sleep, you do not drink, you do not do drugs, do you do Edward?" "What are you doing?" She asked. "I bought the company and sold it, and then I split the company into parts and then sold the parts. The company's part was worth more than the whole." Vivian then commented that he actually did not sell anything or do anything.

Vivian entered the world of wealth and beauty, and she had been thinking about what he was actually doing in the process. , She was given money to buy clothes and jewelry, and turned her into a more beautiful woman.The whole week is full of people only enjoy the activities of the money.She clearly shows that she has seen their own rich.It is already A part of her plan for a long time

An understanding that something has never only appeared in a person's experience and it has been "manifested in a person's mind and emotions for some time.

In the beginning, the hotel manager Barney saw Vivian walking through the hotel wearing a prostitute. He called her office and examined her "misconduct." He caused her frustration at the meeting because she had just been denied service in some clothing stores because she was dressed. Because of her distress, he called his good friend, Bridget, who was in a ladies' shop. Bridget is kind and relaxed Vivian, as she assists her in the beautiful transitions outside.

As an audience, it is exciting to see how fast the Vivian transformation takes place.

The unethical and unfriendly business practices of Edward Lewis were shown at the dinner with Mr. Morris and his grandson David. Morris, another businessman in financial difficulties, had to sell his company, even if he did not want it to go. Both Mr. Morris and Mr. David left the dinner early because they were very disappointed that Edward tore up the company and sold the works, and most of his pride

That night, Vivian said: "I I think you like Mr. Morris, she starts to be his conscience, and Edward obviously does not feel that his job is good, because he quickly fired her, he replied, the fact is that it is really completely irrelevant whether or not I like this

Vicki Share "When I'm with a man I'm just staying numb, I do not mind … I will not get emotionally involved in the business, stick to Edward" "

Edward replied:" You and I are similar to the biological Vivian, we are for the money and screw people. "His Realizing Edward's change and new desire from Vivian to raise his awareness of money began to start haunting him obviously, and his

one night after he married Vivian Polo , Edward finally told his lawyer Stucky that Vivian was a whore, Stucky made a very unfriendly statement to Vivian that they were lonely, Vivian was angry with Edward, her anger was sober and empowered to her, where Edward realized, He had crossed an unacceptable line before he wanted to enter the elevator to leave the apartment before he came and apologized to her and promised never to do so again, admitting, "This is foolish and cruel."

"You hurt me, do not do it again," she said firmly, after the encounter, they began to better understand Peter and their love began to bloom Vivian shares how she became a prostitute and commented that " If people put you down, you begin to believe it. "He replied," I think you are a very bright and very special

Obviously, they have been seeking a great significance

Edward begins to soften to the look of the real businessman who is behind him, the harder the businessman, the harder the businessman, the more he loves, the more he loves, He began to play, had fun and fell in love with Vivian. "At the next business meeting," Mr. Morris said, "I know more about buying your company, separating it, I found myself in unfamiliar territory, I want to help you! "Mr. Morris said," I'm proud of you. "Edward answered, thank you.

Obviously Edward is entering his true self, true love, kindness and power Of people. Vivian inspired his kindness to him. One day before the start of their deal, Edward said, "I really want to see you again, I've arranged an apartment and a car, some money and anything else for you. It's Vivian's clarity and sharing Her dream is what she really wants. "I want to be loved by a handsome prince, I want the whole package, house, white fence, husband, everything, she realizes that she will not settle down less than the whole

In a conversation with Kit, she comes to the hotel to visit her, Kit realize that she fell in love with Edward, in their conversation, they can only think of the complete success is "Cinderella" . "They all laughed, and in the final scene Vivian said to Edward," You made me a very good offer, and now everything has changed, you changed, and now I want more. "Edward replied:" I know I want more, I invented the concept. "I want fairy tales," Vivian said. "

Edward said," Impossible relationship, "Vivian said to him:" I think you have a lot of special gifts. A wonderful moment when people realized that even if he had all the money, it was not really important that it was not bringing real happiness and happiness

When Edward was driven to the airport with the same driver the day before driving Vivian heard the music, when Edward climbed up the steep staircase, the flower in her apartment said his mouth, "So, in the end of the day, when I went to Vivian, He saved her, "she replied," and she immediately rescued him. "A statement expressing her own self-confidence and empowering feeling and clarity was her WANTS, and if the whole dream was not in place, Willing to lose all with Edward

Two people now meet the source of energy and its deepest desires. Julia Roberts and Richard Gill did a wonderful job in the film. Their performances are exquisite. The law of attraction is the process of desire, reaching the right to be acted upon by thought and then to use our thoughts and emotions until it feels inspired from it. I'm glad the film maker here is how to create such a great story