The Real Estate Agents Agreement

The use of an assistant agreement is essential for hiring a real estate assistant. You should describe the working relationship between you and your assistant. The first thing you should consider is whether he or she is an employee or an independent contractor. If you choose to have an employee, you must deduct taxes, social security and unemployment insurance from your salary. This involves a lot of records saved on you plus the cost of the employee you hired …

So after considering the majority of agents hired an assistant to choose the identity of an independent contractor. You do not have to do any detention. You only need to provide a 1099 form. No salary only commissions or fees are paid as a payment or service.

You should hire an active real estate agent assistant, which can also be deducted from your tax as a fee. It is advisable to work with your accountant to see how to process the payment schedule. Because if they do not, they are limited to only one unlicensed person. This will be very different because there are many tasks that need to be licensed by the agent to perform. In the interview assistant, you should consider some of the requirements in Microsoft Word, excel or similar programs and other programs with computer skills. If they do not have a laptop, you may need to provide one.

Let's talk about what another agreement should do

  • Define Working Hours
  • Define commissions or payment services
  • Explain what you expect from the assistant
  • Assist in Performance
  • Assist in Market Value Report
  • Dating with you on Market Value Report
  • Setting an appointment
  • Open house
  • Record Save
  • E-mail
  • outgoing leaflets
  • Signs of open houses
  • Calling you
  • New Business Exploration
  • View MLS's Daily Update
  • Preview this listing
  • Meet all your customers and customers
  • Player Attitude

You have to determine the payment schedule, the assistant should expect how much to pay, when and how long. Your business growth should have a direct impact on assistant commission growth. Confidentiality is important in your agreement. The assistant must know that the situation between you will be kept secret. Putting it all on paper will develop guidelines. Your assistant will understand their job description and responsibilities. Real estate assistant agreement should protect both sides.