The relationship between the red sign

The dating world can be very exciting, but it can also be daunting and much work. In any other area we will be wise to use our intuition and our observation of the self. If we do not do this, we will risk the end of one of the many couples, separation, the end of divorce, and even just in the ruthless marriage.

Many times, we choose to ignore the red flag that appears in a relationship. We may ignore people who are potentially dangerous or unhealthy, but if the red flag is ignored and the relationship continues, the most reliable relationship will be turbulent or even catastrophic. Also, many of the final divorces admitted that they noticed these red flags earlier, but they chose to ignore the warning signs and then the problem became larger

According to the city dictionaries, the red flag was a warning of any imminent Danger. Have you ever noticed any of the following about your partner, maybe choose to ignore it?

Yes / your partner …

• Emotions or physical inapplicability

• Is there too much tension?

• Is it easy to get angry?

• Is it more comfortable to drink than you?

• Do not respect you, ie ridicule, satire, silence, or do not respect your feelings and needs?

• Do not give priority to your relationship?

Mandatory or addictive behavior, including gambling, excessive pornography, shopping and compulsive consumption?

• You can not have your own part in the parameter

• No similar value?

• [Weoftenbelievethatmanyoftheseissuescanbedealtwithorthatpeoplewillchange(underourhelpandguidance)Butifapersonhasalreadyshownaworryingactbeforetheweddingortheleaguethenitislikelythattheseacts

Sinking Cost:

We have a psychological tricks for ourselves that we continue Thinking "good, we've been together for five years. All the time will be wasted if i break up with her now" not really! More time will be "wasted" if you get married and then eventually divorced for more than five years, and that there is no such thing every relationship is a learning process if you learn to know what you want to do from another person , Then you can bring this knowledge into your next relationship