The shortest story that has been told

Ernest Hemingway as a young newspaper of the 1920s, betting his colleague $ 10, he can write a complete story in six words.

He won this cash: "Selling, baby shoes, never worn"

As a concise example, this is unparalleled, but is it actually a story? Does it conform to all the rules of drama that I tend to stand up?

It is true that there is no conspiracy, no structure, no protagonist or opponent, but this is a story because it awakens the reader's emotional reaction, which is the main purpose of creative writing.

Hemingway did, in a superb way, except that those words that would trigger emotions and let the reader fill in the story, do not rule out everything. This is a liar, but a brilliant one. His story did not answer the question, it raised them, the main man screamed "what happened to the baby"

The baby bought the shoes, now do not need anything? Why baby no longer need shoes? These responses seem to be miserable, dead, sick, kidnapped, every nightmare for parents. Then the parents, or those who put the ads, are the protagonist. Antagonists are unknown and what is the problem with the baby. When we got the story of the end, we left to use our own imagination to fill these pieces. We must create a start, middle and possibly tragic end in our minds.

But is this the only conclusion that can be drawn? I am trying to think about alternatives, they are really weak. A drug addictive parents buy shoes, but when his desire becomes too much, they sell them. Possibly, but the difference between advertising shoes and getting any money for them to buy drugs seems too big. Another option is that if the shoes are bought as a practical joke, and no longer need to fulfill this purpose. This may be reasonable, but it continues the credibility because the misery of the six words is lost. Hemingway did not have any reason not to let them "baby" shoes.

Every word here is carefully chosen, especially the last two. "Almost no wear" did not do so, nor "no", although it could reduce the story to five words. "19459002"

Like a horror film director, Hemingway did not show us his monster, he left it to our imagination, we have a lesson here. Few is, really more. Looking for a balance between the game of the reader, and how much to hide the status of the writer as any tough walker's gesture.

I have always advocated rewriting and cruel editing of my work. All the extra words should be discarded as soon as possible. Hemingway let my creed reach the limit.