The significance of success is personal definition

One goal that most people share is success But what does this mean? In some cultures, success has a very clear meaning. They set the responsibility for the majority of the members of society, as long as individuals meet these responsibilities, he was considered to be successful. In the United States, however, success has many different meanings that have changed dramatically over the past few years.

Even Webster's dictionary has dramatically changed the definition of success over the years. In 1806, the word "success" was defined as "generous, prosperous, healthy and kind". Today, the definition is "to achieve wealth, fame and order." These are completely different concepts, but reflect how American society develops, whether good or bad.

The most interesting change in the definition of success is found in the first sentence. 200 years ago, with whom and how to define a person … " being " Prosperity, generosity, kindness. Now, the point is what you have … " Realization" . This difference is important, perhaps a sign that we are far away from the value of the material wealth that is concentrated in our self .

The state of the big business of the United States shows this shift in its many transactions. The morally corrupt business environment allows the multilateral trading system, the liar, and even the suggestion that outsourcing personal profits is something that encourages us to publicize more and more about taking on debt purchases. It is the same one that plays a major role in the current economic catastrophe, and it is the same one that millions of Americans have reduced to a paid life in order to survive. According to the media description and marketing information, success is no longer related to who you are, but depends entirely on what you have

Although Webster's definition reflects the general social, personal success Still can have many different meanings. For some people, the bank is a sign of success. For others, be able to what they want when they want to be the target. Others attribute their success to how they affect other people and the world as a whole. Of course, there are many people who will stay in the debt cycle because their definition of success is based on their current situation

One of the benefits of the current economic turmoil is that more and more Americans are living on their lives Carry out a long and painstaking investigation and try to define what is important really . The key is to define success for yourself and make the necessary changes to lead a life. Do not buy the hype … the life you want is bigger than the big business and the banks tell you want more. And, you will find more satisfaction in controlling every area of ​​your own life