The stock market falls – how to make money in a turbulent market

"When others are greedy when afraid, when others are afraid of greed. – Warren Buffet

If a person from the United States the richest People are afraid of it? When the Dow Jones index fell more than 18% in a week (October 6 to October 10), investors began to look at the mood according to the mood

Whenever there is a large-scale sale of the market, then where is the transaction? In the current In the economic crisis, the energy and utility stocks have been hit hard. Why are people afraid?

There is absolutely no reason why energy and utility stocks should be undervalued. Of course, people are a more conservative tad, but

If there is a neighbor in this country suddenly began to live candlelight, it certainly does not hit the title. The same water. Has anyone ever heard of the town to cut the line, And ordered citizens to drill up

Energy and utility stocks are always a safe bet. People need their services unless we suddenly Began to see them back to the 19th century lifestyle, they will continue to watch "dance with the stars" and check their e-mail.

Based on all of the above, it may be time to get greedy.