The talk dwarf in our variety show

It was a long hot summer vacation and the school closed all of us. We try to be as spiritual as possible in the past until we feel bored. And then suddenly, Eureka instantly attacked us! How was it before?

We started listing all the activities of the program including singing, dancing, drama, speech and others. But there was a special event, "Talking Dwarf" performed my sister and me, full of life and humor

So how did we create the dwarf? I put my green pants on the legs my hand put my hand on the sneaker, I put my hand on the front of my chair, my sister behind me, put her hand through a crack The sweater, my sister put the sweater on her back button

So we created the dwarf with my hand as his feet and my sister's hand as his hand had a folded Serena Background Screen

This is an open stage show that there is no curtain on the floor of the complex where we live, and I speak to the audience with my hands quietly (dwarf's feet) Sister's hand (dwarf's hand actually) keeps moving when I speak.

All the family and their children are laughing at their hearts. I also put Nivea cream on my lips above and below looks more interesting. So I look very funny, but also said very interesting.

I am a lonely guy. No one will shake hands with me? Come on, shake hands, let's introduce. I've been miles and seen you on this show. I am very disappointed now. So no one will get up and shake hands with me? At least nice to see you sitting there and looking at me. This naturally makes me happy. I jumped because I did not want to waste your time. By the way, the program just started rocking. So please pay attention, there are more special events. Goodbye

said my sister with a sweater, my shoes and pants in my hand, the other two people holding the background of Sally screen to escape the scene, secret

We organized the "Variety Show", for two consecutive years on the floor of the complex we live on, we named ourselves, the people of other apartments know us more, appreciate us And gave us all the love we need