There are several key factors that you must consider to avoid the over-payment of time-sharing distribution. Time-Sharing Vacation Resale – How to Buy Smart

In this article, you will learn the necessary steps to understand how to minimize costs – but still buy a timeshare with strong exchange value through RCI and Interval Int

. Learn Resort Ratings

If you want to get the most money for a timeshare vacation do not insist that the resort be rated the Golden Crown or 5 Star.

Contrary to popular belief, the Resort rated Golden Globe or 5 stars has nothing to do with the exchange capacity. Why pay more than you need?

There is a myth in there, you must have a gold crown or 5 stars in exchange for the same. This is not true. In fact, the ownership of the resort in rating can actually limit your redemption!


So far, the single most important factor in determining trade power is location, location, location!

Examples of high demand areas are Hawaii, California coast, Palm Springs Winter, Florida coast and Orlando, the Caribbean, the United States of America, the United States of America, Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head Island, ski resorts, in short, any place, relative to the large number of people who want a holiday in the area, lack of time-sharing vacation space [19459003


Because maintenance costs will last forever, do not buy at resorts, and require additional maintenance. (Unless you can buy a real price below the premium.)


It is located in a popular area where you buy cheap, and it will trade you well into the best resorts. When you save thousands of dollars by buying, you can trade for decades before the exchange fee will be equal to your right in the first place by purchasing!


It is hard to imagine the number of problems and challenges that arise when performing a seemingly very simple transfer of ownership

Brokers have a lot of losses if they fraudulently trade with the public , Unfortunately, if you deal with individual sellers or non-concessionaires, the same can not be said, why? Ensure that all funds are kept in the trust account until settlement.


Title Insurance applies to most of the timeshares that have been canceled for shopping. It is your guarantee that you obtain clear ownership, no lien or judgment attached to the property.


Many misconceptions about the Timeshare Center, about when a buyer can first use a timeshare, whether that week has been deposited in a bank, and many other details.

information. Whatever your understanding is, it has been confirmed in writing with the exchange company, the resort management company and the seller


This is a critical step because it is very common to take a long time to forget about the means


This article does not cover a separate concept involving purchase intentions that are mainly used in a very high-end luxury resort system where timeshare is used, which entails paying a higher price. These and other issues are described in the Timeshare Resales blog. You will also learn what the Golden Grades rating is and how it affects your buying logic