There are six reasons why promotion is more powerful than paid advertising

Although there are dozens of reasons that can be advertised (and even free to advertise) are more powerful than paid ads, I have outlined the top six:

Cause 1: This is the cheapest form of advertising that can be done. In fact, you can carry out local sports under a dollar and carry out a full national campaign at less than $ 10. All you need to do is send a properly prepared news kit (press release, biology and journalist Q & A) to several select journalists, the rest do yourself. Paul and his students have received more than one page about their business and their business, spending three sheets of paper.

One example he gives is a 2-page full-color story on Forbes magazine. In this story, they give him all the business information, the price of his product, and even how to order them. The cost of a 2-page paid ad will cost more than $ 100,000, while Paul can do 15 cents.

Reason 2: When using publicity, you can immediately get credibility. If someone reads your story on the radio or hearing your information, they will immediately see you as an expert on the topic. This instant reputation leads more people to call you and get more sales and income.

Cause 3: Propaganda is much faster. Some of the larger magazines may take months to serve ads, or even advertise on the radio, and the TV may take some time. But the press release can be completed in 15 minutes, the reporter can receive your release in a few minutes, you may be exposed. You want to jump in the game, this is the fastest way. If other people start using publicity before you, they will win. If you do first, you win. This is very simple

Cause 4: turning yourself into an expert / celebrity can be very interesting. You can receive radio and other news media interviews, you can talk about yourself and the benefits of your product, or solve any problems. This is much better than advertising.

Cause 5: When you become part of the media, you will get immediate trust. People do not trust you until they know you, they will not buy from you until they believe you.

Cause 6: When you are in the media, you will get instant celebrity status. By becoming a household name, people can see your ad more quickly by seeing it more than once. We have changed from a reputable world to a world of celebrity obsession.

In the past, you should include promotional activities in your other advertising campaigns. In this day, if you do not include publicity, you are dead. For all of the above reasons, you can start advertising for your business.