Three shortcomings of traditional classroom learning

In the traditional classroom environment, students were mobilized to sit in a passive sitting in the teacher's lecture. There are reasons why many teachers seem dissatisfied with this practice. Now I am limited to three:


b. Too much focus on the presentation, there is little time to practice: Because the teacher must provide a fixed number of concepts within a limited time, most classroom activities only apply to the presentation phase.

[1945900]] Results :

• This strategy does not allow students to try new concepts. Their learning is stopped at a certain stage; they will not produce any fruitful things, in addition to the usual answers to the exam questions, there is no fruit.

• In addition, many students may be in trouble when they do questions at home. It also overshadowed their performance. If they can not grasp a concept and can not practice it effectively, we can not expect them to master a new concept based on a concept

c. The lectures of the teachers are generally one size fits all. Not every student has the same learning speed. While some students can easily follow the teacher's lecture, most students need time to master the information they are getting. In addition, Every student has a different learning style. You can not expect audiologists to master a concept by listening to lectures.


• This leads to a student who does not mean that the former is slow or slow, if a visual learner is worse than the auditory learner Can not keep up with the teacher's pace. The world sets them to "slow learners"

• Poor performance and poor classroom performance are the main causes of self-image and lack of confidence. In fact, many students fail to achieve the ability they can achieve can be attributed to the above factors

• This not only creates potential talent, but also causes the pain of many dedicated and diligent teachers