Three ways to create exciting collage

A powerful collage theme is motivated! But in order to create an incentive theme, you first need to write a goal. Starting with a simple goal, it involves personal affairs that you are trying to do.

For example, I often have new students in the art curriculum for their professional to create a target collage. Where do they want to go?

Consider the following three simple steps

1. Sort and collect images that will inspire you to achieve your goals. For example, if you rebuild a house, only the images associated with the process are collected. This will not be a map of your last birthday party.

2. Think it may not be impossible

If you consider cost and other restrictions, making collages is easy. Stay focused on your dreams. May happen that is why you are creating a collage with a target.

3. have fun!

Think out of the box to mix your images with powerful and inspiring words that will help you achieve your goals

So write your goal. Start searching for your image and start.

If you need help setting goals, I have a great coach for you.

Send an email to . She will work with you to create a stable target statement using the SMART method. This represents concrete, measurable, achievable, realistic and tangible.

Please remember that you can contact me at any time to understand any suggestions in your collage making process.