Tip – I just set the alarm clock on my Timex Ironman watch and I can not turn dead!

Hope you did not set too early

We did not have such a moment!

When you set TimeX IRONMAN Watch to 6:30 am, you certainly do not have any best intentions. You decide to do that morning run if it killed you!

Of course the best intentions are all good, but when the first reaction is scrolled around 6:30, your first reaction is unpredictable at that moment in time, you do not want to destroy your Timex IRONMAN watch , Or at least turn that beep so that you can squeeze an hour before working sleep

Ok, so you may (in some way) manage to turn off things or you may take it more The line, just put your pillow tightly over your ears until the death of things stop, it's working.

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I give you a way to eliminate alarms that do not involve your clock truncation.

The standard Timex IRONMAN watch looks like the following layout:


Please note: I try to keep this information as much as possible in general, but there are many Timex IRONMAN watch models in the market, This information may not be accurately applied to each model. I do believe that the ALARM function works in many IRONMAN watches in a similar way, and in most cases what I mean will apply.

Okay, so when the alarm clock is off, simply press the start / split or restart the disarm alarm to know if your alarm is equipped, the clock icon will appear on your Timex watch's face , When disarmed, the clock will disappear. If the alarm goes out, you will wait for it to die, hope it will disappear, five minutes later will issue a backup alert, further torture.

So now how quickly fixes the way here is how to permanently turn off the alarm:

  • Press the MODE button until you are in ALARM mode
  • Press SET / RECALL to configure alarm
  • Press the STOP / RESET (-) or / SPLIT (+) cycle to display the alarm
  • When you select the alarm to erase, press and hold STOP / RESET (-) to clear the selected alarm.

Ah, finally at ease!

Oh, if you really want to know how to set the alarm clock, be sure to find this topic on my blog.