To strengthen the sauce

For most sauces and almost all types of gravy, you need to use thickeners at some stage. This is probably one of the things

The most commonly used is starch, because they all have the quality of expansion in any liquid they introduce. But it is important to note that they also have different manifestations.

For example, Arrowroot has an interesting property. It tends to clarify any liquid introduced

This is very useful for fruit jam but may not be effective for meat gravy.

Starch compounds such as bamboo roots, cornstarch and potato flour need to be mixed with cold liquid before they can be used to be added to anything. Should be added one at a time and allowed to cook for each batch

This needs to be done at the end of the preparation because the thickening effect is not always the case.

[1945900] Use Flour

Do not worry about flour will make your flesh lumps! Provided that there is a fat present, the flour will show itself even if it will not still stir into gravy or sauces.

The best way to use it is as a roux, or as beurremanié. These are basically the same thing, but in a slightly different way

Both are half-flour and half-butter (or other fat, if you wish) a mixture of all produce the same result – they Thickening liquid.

An ounce of butter is placed in a small pot, heated in a pot, An ounce of ordinary flour, while stirring while cooking. The length of the cooking time will depend entirely on the color you want to achieve

Because of the long cooking, the flour will turn black, so you can choose an eyebrow sauce

Once your mix Is the color you want, put the pot into the heat, add the semi-pinted stock, while vigorously stimulating

Please forget everything you have read about this process. Stocks do not have to be cold, hot, or add a little bit. Just put it all inside, throw off. And then put the pot back into the pot to boil.

The resulting gravy need to be boiled for at least two minutes, otherwise it will be because some of the raw milk is not cooked.

Even if a person is formed, you can usually brush it back, if not, before the service will be compressed


] To the inventor of the chef named, no one really knows how or why to do it, but it is if you need to add a lot of liquid is very effective or has food to cook food

The same measure, the trick is to soften the butter and mix it with the flour.

With the flour cooking, it will be mixed into the liquid to make it thicker.

Sweet Sauce

depends largely on the basis of your sauce, and whether you intend Heat or cold. For example, you can reduce the juice while adding liquid glucose. This will produce a very stable shiny sauce in the cold

By stabilizing, I mean it will not be separated and will not move too much around the plate, which is advantageous if You are trying to produce special effects.

Hot sauce is usually thickened with corn starch or taro. Corn starch will produce a largely cloudy effect, the latter will be clear. Both need to be carefully raised.

The golden rule is added once, if the mixture becomes too thick, add more liquid

Egg yolk, gelatin and even cream can be used as thickener. For example, eggs are used as the basis for all types of milk cakes, including something like lemon protein pastry cake.

Once again, you need to try to see what suits you. A very bitter soy sauce that may run down when it gets hot and becomes thick and sticky

Toffee is a good example. It just reduces sugar and water, the cream is stirred, just as it starts to change brown. Stay, it will look like, behave like, and much better than the top of the bottle caramel.

Vanilla sauce is somewhat similar. I used 3 ounces of egg yolk, stir with 2 ounces of sugar and then poured 250 ml of hot cream. Then cook it to the desired consistency, without boiling, and add a few drops of vanilla essence.

For special events, I use vanilla pods instead of the essence.


With the passage of time, you become more experienced and you will find yourself developing your own skills

Thinking. For example, why not add lamb sauce with red currant jelly? Or even a mixture of mint sauce and gelatin (yes, really effective)

Remember, no matter what you want to do, only know if you have achieved it. So the consistency of the sauce you serve is what your guests are concerned about. Do not let yourself feel disappointed.

If you look good, taste good, add food, you have done well Who cares it is a bit thin, or is it cut with a knife? Will someone in any way and two ways like it.

The secret is not to let go.

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