Tony Robbins System Explanation

"CANI" stands for constant and never-ending improvement. Tony was an acronym developed a decade ago and was influenced by Dr. W. Edwards Deming. Dr. Deming is considered one of the leaders of the first high quality movement to bring to Japan. His basic premise is that the secret to help Japan achieve world power and economic success is that everyone and the organization are committed to continuous improvement.

The Japanese have a single "eternal and never-ending improvement" that it is called "Kaizen". Kaizen comes from the Japanese Chua and Zen, "Cai" means change, "zen" means good.

According to his proficient series of courses in Robbins, he did not want to embrace the word "Kaizen" because it was a Japanese, after all, Dr. Deming was an "American" and, therefore, Kaizen "the same American word is correct. Deformation vocabulary is an important part of Robbins' teachings, so you can understand why Tony wants to create a brand or a name for this association.

It is easy to fall into your goal, the expected outcome … becomes overwhelming. CANI provides a solution and reference point to focus attention.

The benefits of CANI include:

    If you do every day to improve your life in a small aspect,

  • Create a personal and commercial momentum that makes it difficult for your competitors to catch up.
  • Personal satisfaction and fulfillment, as it will lead you to personal growth.
  • Leading innovation. Innovation to create leverage.

Tony Robbins once said: "We only have to go beyond them to learn our limits." I can! Is a principle designed to encourage you to make small incremental improvements every day, and when you do this, you will be forced to find a way to go beyond your current set of self-limits.

Which areas your life you want to apply CANI principles! This year

o Enrichment and Finance

o Family Relationships

o Friendship Building

o Health and Fitness

o Spirit

o Public Service / Volunteer Service [1945900]

o Education and Career Development

o Public Service / Volunteer Service

If success is defined as a "journey" rather than an end purpose , You can feel at ease that personal growth and satisfaction can come from constant and never-ending improvements (CANI!).