Tony Robbins – The Power of the Problem

"The question provides the key to unlocking our infinite potential." "Quality issues create a quality of life, successful people make better questions , The result they get a better answer. "

This is an honest dialogue with yourself and is open to the internal dialogue that you will put on your own path of success. "You and I have the same power in a day," said Robbins. "At the moment, we ask ourselves questions that can shape what we are about who we are and how we are willing to achieve our dreams.

How are you really want to live?

What makes you most excited?

When is it stuck?

What kind of person must you become in order to achieve the desired purpose?

Robbins advises you to ask yourself and answer these questions honestly. "If you ask yourself a good question, your mind will automatically focus on finding better answers and solutions." Instead, if you ask a terrible question, "Robbins said," The real quality of life comes from consistent quality problems. Problem, you will get a terrible answer, "he said." Your mental computer is ready to serve you, no matter what you provide, will certainly come up with an answer. "

Robbins was driven by a single problem in his career – the difference in the quality of life of people? He realized from this that we were on our own problems, as well as in our hearts to find a key role to play

Every night before going to bed, Robbins suggested asking the following three questions: (1) The following three questions:

What did I learn today?

What do i like today?

What improvements or contributions do I have today?

Simple question, but with a powerful effect. "Most people never feel safe because they are always worried that they will lose their jobs, lose money they already have, lose their spouses, lose their health, and so on." The only real security in life is to know every One day you are in some way to improve yourself, is to improve their own quality, and you are valuable to your company, friends and family.

Everyone has the right to life to meet the life, the problem is to open the door of the key


This fast-paced 7-minute video will provide you with the power to ask yourself the right questions. Taking this simple but very powerful concept of working in your own life will change your life as you never Think of the way.


The problem of power is an excellent way to visit your subconscious, the process is a simple process [1] [19459] [1945900] [1945900] [1945900]

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Assuming you are in a situation you want to leave a good impression you go to the person you want to impress, blurted out. Immediately you realize what you've done

If you ask yourself one Negative questions such as "Why am I always such an idiot?" Your brain will appear for a variety of reasons to answer this question. This is absolutely no help, either in the present situation or at any time in your life.

If you ask yourself, "How can I recover from this chaos? Your brain will use your memory to exclude some of the strategies that save your mistakes.

In other words Your brain will always provide you with any answers to your questions. The answer may not be true, but your brain feels responsible for answering your questions and will try to show you some sort of answer, whether it is feasible.

How do you use this brain function to improve your life?

Training yourself only poses a positive question.

Like "Why am I so talented" question? And "how can i be so lucky?" Will be more positive than those who give an important answer in advance. The brain often recognizes that many of these questions are rhetorical, in other words, they do not actually need an answer, but the effect is still positive. These questions mean that you have the talent, or you are lucky, thus strengthening this concept. In this sense, their function and certainly the same.

Why is the problem?

Q: "Why always fail?" Will inevitably lead to "because you are a loser" answer.

"How can I succeed in this cause?" Will lead to creative and useful answers.

Why is the problem essentially circular and not being used in this particular process? What should I do with * instead of these questions? What do you need to do next? * When do I need to finish this? * Where do I need now? What do I need to learn here?

Daily Problem

Anthony Robbins has used the problem in his excellent tape program "Personal Strength and Personal Strength II". Tony designed three sets of questions: one is the morning, one is the evening, the other is used in the day to deal with the problem.

1. Morning problem

Answer the following questions every morning and make yourself a positive day.

1. What is the happiest thing in my life now? How could that make me happy? How could that make me feel (Repeat these two minor questions after each major question)

2. What is the most exciting thing in my life now?

3. What is the most proud of my life now?

4. What is my most grateful now in life?

5. What do I enjoy in life now?

6. What is my most important now?

7. I love who loves me?

2. The problem at night

Ask yourself these questions at the end of the day before going to bed

1. What did I give today?

2. What did I learn today?

3. How to join my life today?

4. How do I use my future investment today?

5. What do i do today to achieve my goal?

6. Optional: Add morning question

3. Problem solving problem

These problems are helpful in achieving goals and / or encountering obstacles.

1. What do I need to do today to achieve my goal?

2. How to succeed and enjoy this process?

3. What can I learn from this experience?

4. How do I respect this man?

5. I did not notice this situation really interesting?

6. What are the benefits of my life now?

7. How can I make this happen and enjoy this process?

These three sets of questions can be printed on different paper in large letters and displayed in your workspace.

This valuable lesson comes from notes taken in Kona Hawaii for 2 weeks. One of Tony's seminars

So I would like to thank Tony Robbins

Dear, George Walters