Top Warhammer Online Engineer Guide – Warhammer Engineers Strategy and Leveling Guide

Dwarf Engineer is the third career choice when you are a dwarf army, one of the order of the army. They are well equipped. Although his armor was light but loaded with tools and gadgets. He is equipped with a lot of weapons, a lot of classification. He has rifles, grenades and explosives. When playing an enemy, his shooting is the most useful. When he tried to eliminate a group of opponents, grenades and explosives came in handy.

They also have well-known list of skills and tactics, including: Warhammer Online Warranty Guide to help novices and other players try to take care of and combat them.

1. Gun turret – allows them to use a self-aimed gun to create a turret. May cause 133 damage. The drawback of the gun turret is that you can only have one of them at a time.

2. The fire turret – similar to the gun turret way, allows them to create a turret with a flamethrower, the turret can shoot alone. The flame is thrown once every three seconds and the damage to the target is usually 100.

3. Site maintenance – give them the ability to repair the turret, so its health returns to 135 degrees per second.

4. The fifth round – they can shoot into bullets into flames. Inflicts 390 damage to the opponent for 9 seconds.

5. Friction burns cause more damage to the opponent for more than 9 seconds.

6. Adelin Shoot – gives them the power to deprive the target, so their attack on you is reduced by 50 percent.

7. Acid bombs – the enemy's armor by 618 points, resulting in 236 times physical damage 10 seconds.

8. Bombing turret – similar to turret and artillery turret. But without a gun or a flame thrower, but there is a grenade launcher to launch automatically

There are three career teachers:

1. Rifle path

2. Grenade path

3. Bite Road

On the way to the rifle, they focus on using sophisticated and precise goals to implement long-term attacks. On this road, they are not on the front, but away from the limelight, choose to secure his enemies from a safe distance. The grenade path involves explosive weapons. Finally, the "Bite Road" focuses on weapons, turrets, and what they can not build on the battlefield. After all, they do not have any name. Knowing the top "Warhammer Online" engineer's guide to help you play the game is also useful