Try this powerful thrust technique in sexual behavior

In many cases, when a man and woman have sex, the way of accepting sexual intercourse is simply to enter and leave, regardless of the gender position used. Through this motion, men are usually able to achieve orgasm and ejaculation, while women are more often feel uncomfortable or painful, without any orgasm, so at the end of each meeting, both sides feel depressed and disappointed.

The reason for this is because of monotonous and ineffective entry and exit. In addition, many men are led to believe that they are farther and farther, the faster they push, the better their partner. The truth is that by simply coming in and out, you will find your penis around some of the most sensitive areas of your partner vagina, and in many cases you are just going to give your woman discomfort and pain every time your penis The tip has hit her cervix wall, without any type of control.

Today we will share with you a very powerful push technique that you can try with your partner tonight. This technique not only effectively improves the pleasure of you and the woman, but also has other amazing benefits that can help men and women achieve a very fulfilling love meeting.

Next time you love her, try the following tips

Once you are all open, your partner is fully lubricated, you are about to penetrate her, do not insert your The penis has been inside.

Instead, insert only a little bit more than your penis head. When you start pushing, keep your strokes very shallow. In other words, when you are pushed, your penis should not move in more than one inch in both directions. In addition, you should keep these movements slow and careful. The idea is to make sure your penis is always kept near the entrance of your partner's vaginal canal.

It will be very exciting for your partner. That's because the area around the mouth of the vagina is the most enjoyable for your partner.

Here are some additional benefits that you can all get from this thrust technique

It allows you to spend more time really enjoying sexual intercourse because You are forced to slow down and appreciate the feeling you feel

It allows you to easily use your hand to stimulate other aspects of the female body more flexibility, such as stimulating her clitoris, or with your fingers to stimulate the nipples and Breast, without having to lose balance. This of course also depends to a large extent on the gender position you are using.

If you suffer from premature ejaculation, this is a good way to extend for longer. Because you are forced to slow down rather than too deep or too strong to push, so when you think you may need ejaculation, you can more easily learn and understand your feelings and climax threshold. This is because you are minimizing the amount of muscle used in the body during the push to avoid a higher awakening sensation through violent and deep thrust

If your penis is larger than the penis, you can also Benefit from this technology. That's because you are forced to slow down when you push, so you have more control over the deeper thrust, which in turn prevents you from accidentally hitting the other's cervical walls.

If on the other hand you feel your penis is smaller than the average penis, it is a very good technique that can make you less concerned about the size and more facts to stimulate the most important areas of many women [19459003[1945900]

For example, after a brief stroke, you can move on, giving a deep thrust, or two or three, depending on the mood. You can also add variations based on your member's perspective. Now, then you can push the tip of the penis by pushing the tip of the penis to the wall of your partner vaginal canal to stimulate your partner's g-spot

Keep in mind that not all gender locations are Is the type of perfect thrust technology

One of the best positions to effectively complete this technique is to let your partner lie on the bed while you are standing on or kneeling on the floor to bed. The idea is to find a position that allows you to slowly and gently move and be able to do it all without losing the balance or feeling like every muscle you are bending the body. This is especially important if you are suffering from premature ejaculation. You need to make sure your body's posture is in a completely relaxed state.

It also depends on what you want to do when you are pushing For example, if you are looking for space between yourself and your partner so that you are free to use both hands to stimulate other parts of your body, then you will need a gender position that does not lie on your partner, position. Instead, you can modify the position of the missionary, so that you sit upright and kneel on the bed. In order to make your partner more comfortable, you can put a pillow under her ass

By introducing effective techniques during sexual intercourse, as mentioned above, you will ensure that your partner and yourself will experience every time A more satisfying love meeting