Types of Dealers in the Trading Market

If there is a way to make money, then it is stock and bonds. Some people invest their hard earned money in a variety of securities. Every day, tens of thousands of securities are sold and purchased around the world

So who are the stock market speculators or investors? Then, speculators buy and sell different types of securities, the ultimate goal is through the stock market price volatility and rapid access to capital gains. On the other hand, the ultimate purpose of investors buying securities is to generate regular income from holding securities. His ultimate goal is to add security investments

Investors usually hold stocks and bonds for a long time. 1.

The Bulls are a speculator who predicts a price rise. She buys the security at the current price with the intention of selling the securities at a future date of rising prices. She bought them for a long time, putting pressure on prices to make them increase. If her guess is wrong, she spreads rumors that prices will increase (her bull campaign is also known as market correction.) The stock market dominated by bull speculators is called the bull market.


Bear speculators are expecting prices to fall. She signed a contract to sell securities at current prices, with the aim of buying securities at a future price decline. She is a pessimist. If the price falls according to her guess, she buys them back.

This is known as short selling. Unlike bull-headed speculators who keep her head up, bear-speculators keep her head. She struggled to reduce prices in the stock market through pressure, known as a bear attack. When her guess is wrong, a bear crushes. A lame duck is a desperate bear speculator

A lame duck is a desperate bear speculator. She was desperate because she promised to sell securities to the buyer in an agreement, and the stock was not available on the stock market. Buyers do not want to postpone transactions


A slag speculator applies for a security in order that the price of the stock will be listed on the stock exchange at a premium. She eventually sells the stock when the price goes up. She creates false requests by sending multiple applications of different names. Slag speculators are top hunters