Types of Traditional Indian Garments

Male Indian dressings have long been considered the most exclusive dressing type for men. Just as India is dressed for women, there are different types of men's clothing, which are related to the areas in which they live. For example, a man living in southern India is wearing a different dress, while men from the north.

Dhoti Coulthard is a typical traditional wardrobe of the Indian man, who is a man of the traditional clothing of India.

Dhoti Kurta: Worn in different styles in India. Basically, people living in South India will be different from those living in North India. The most famous man dhoti is from Mahatma Gandhi in India. Kurta pajamas and Salwar Kameez can be coupled together, while dhoti kurta and sari can be coupled together as similar to […]

clothing. The kurta is basically a male robe worn on a nightgown. It can be full-length or short-length, up to waist.


Longji is another important component of the Indian traditional costumes. The lungi are usually worn in South India. It is a rectangular cloth, worn at the waist, tie. While many would argue that lungi is an informal wear and tear, it is not the case in many parts of India. Even politicians, celebrities, etc.

These are the three main types of clothes Indian men wear. Of course, with the changing times, men wearing pants and shirts as the city's daily wear, but these are still wearing the older generation.