UPEN and U! How to target your American history undergraduate degree test scores

University of Pennsylvania is one of the American SAT exams in one of the American schools. Another option is to take ACT + writing admission, but few students choose to do so. Using SAT topic testing is currently the most popular option. Like Yale University and Cornell University, UPEN requires students to send all of their test scores. Curious to find out what you need to pay attention to the American history of SAT exams to make it a UPEN? UPEN Ordinary data sets can provide us with an idea.

The common data set is published annually with the University Council and major publishers. It is mainly used to assess university rankings. Most schools do not report participants' SAT test scores (once known as SAT 2). However, they do provide information on the average student SAT score. We can use to understand what they expect. This is just a rough assessment of what is good. UPEN has no official minimum. A lower mark does not mean you are doomed.

The amazing thing about the University of Pennsylvania is that they do not participate in the university committee's score choice. You must send UPenn your qualification exam to evaluate. Their website clearly explains what will be used for this. Achieving a higher first time will be considered to be beneficial. Re-testing without improvement or repeated testing until a high value will be noticed and may adversely affect your application.
Let's take a look at the data.

The key to reading, mathematics and writing is the lowest score of 660,690 and 680 points. The highest scores are 750,780 and 770 for critical reading, math and writing. Not surprisingly, UPEN requires fewer points than Harvard or Yale. If exactly 25% of the students complete the math in Harvard math, only 25% of the UPEN participants are worth more than 780 (still an impressive record). This certainly favors the lower US history test mark.

For people who have low critical reading performance for UPEN, this is a big permission (just make sure your math is good). The average score for a given test is 720. This makes you 3-5% of the global testers. SAT II scores do not need to be as high as their SAT I counterparts. SAT II testers' swimming pools are more competitive. Your average SAT 2 u is not your SAT examiner. Assuming your GPA is close to the UPEN average of 3.89, then the US history test scores are relatively low, which is very innocent. Get 20-30% of the top stuff and you might be fine. What does the university board say? 690. This makes you one-third of all respondents. Yes, it's easy to do some learning.

If you need to test again, these things will of course change. About 690 or so should probably stay, no you think you can say higher. What is the super second value? The smallest one 740. This will put you in the top 15% of all respondents.