WARNING – Do not buy battery-powered toys Do not read this article

Battery-powered vehicles provide a whole new dimension for traditional riding toys and with the most living choices in the car, children Can really play the imitation of the surrounding adults

There is a lot of color and style in the battery-driven riding toy category. Suitable for boys and girls, battery-powered vehicles offer 6V or 12V rechargeable batteries, the only real difference between the two is the speed and the number of floors that the model can handle.

A wonderful entry-level toy is a 6V Trimoto racing tricycle offering blue with red and yellow as well as pink and purple tones. Suitable for 18 months of small tiny, the tricycle of the maximum speed of 2.5 km / h and reversing. Another option for the 18-month rider is Runner Quad pink or blue. Powered by 6V battery Quad has a single forward speed and a reverse

A slightly larger 6V battery powered ride tricycle for children 3 years old and older is patrol tricycle available for police patrol or princess patrol Models. Patrol Tricycle One-way forward speed of 3 km / h, reverse

All 6V trains and rail groups are a completely different type of battery-driven toy. Use 22 tracks to lay a track along its little train. The small engineer will also be happy to know that the additional carriage has enough space to place all the plush toys they like!

Who does not want to drive the Ferrari F430, or Alfa Romeo 8C? These limousines with 6V mini Coopers, Porsche Cayenne and BMW 335i all can be used in a large number of miniature battery ride toys! Suitable for children aged 3 and over, these cars have only one forward speed and one reverse gear so that even tiny drivers can be parallel to the park

12V or more battery powered vehicles are usually suitable for slightly longer children 5 and Above, and on the rough ground is also better. This category includes the host's battery-powered tractor, jeep and quadrilateral. A riding device equipped with a 12V rechargeable battery usually has two speeds of about 2.2 and 5 mph, plus the reverse. Not all 12V battery-powered modes are rough and rolling, but this category also includes smart Vespa tricycles.

Various styles and models Children electric ride available from children from 18 months to over 10 years old, to ensure that really is a perfect toy, Every child! It is important to remember a few safety precautions to play these riding. Children should always be supervised while playing a battery-powered ride, and in any case should not be on the road. They are strictly a backyard toy. The use of battery-powered riding toys will end up in the days of spending a variety of fantastic adventures