Watching the Advantages and Disadvantages of Television

Many of us like watching TV, especially in free time if we do not have anything to do. We like to watch TV, eat our favorite snacks, or hang around in a friend's place. Either way, we are welcome when we watch TV. According to our mood and personality, we can watch many different programs on TV. Some like to watch comedy and talk shows, while others, especially children, young people like to watch comics on cartoon or Disney channels.

However, watching TV has its advantages and disadvantages. Experts say, especially children watching TV too much for health and mind are not good.

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of watching television


1) Entertainment and laughter

We are entertained by the programs we like to watch. We laughed at what we felt interesting and funny about the television program we were watching. We also like to dance or sing with the celebrities we see on TV, and some of us can even copy their dance movements and singing styles.

2. Information and methods

We have learned a lot about places where we usually do not learn magazines, books and newspapers. There are travel shows to show us the beauty of the world and tell us the culture of different countries, especially if we are planning to travel, it is very helpful. We can also learn how to cook new recipes by watching cooking programs, and we can learn to do something else that shows the step-by-step process of performing specific works, sports, or other interesting things.

3. Improved memory and easy learning

We usually notice the timetable of the programs we like, especially if it only shows once or twice. We tend to store and recall what happened recently in our favorite program, and then the next episode will be played on TV. This will help to enhance the memory that we can apply in our daily lives. For children, it is easier to learn math, science, alphabet, and other topics if someone can show them how to count, identify, and so on. Education TV programs for children to watch and study

4. Keep in touch with family and friends

Watching TV is a good way to get married with family and friends, especially on weekends. You can laugh and discuss what you see on TV. This is really interesting

5) consciousness and alertness

Weather reports and current news in different parts of the world allow you to understand what happens outside your country. When you have typhoon in your area, you can also be vigilant, which can help you get ready.


1. ) Creativity and imagination decline.

TV shows, including commercials, tend to share their thoughts on us and convey our thoughts and opinions to us, which is unfavorable and may lead to a decline in creativity and imagination because we can not Independent innovation, because of creative things

2. ) Health problems

We usually eat junk food or any of our favorite snacks when watching TV. This is bad for our health, because when we sit on the TV, we tend to eat a lot of things. This may lead to obesity because we watch TV when not a lot.

3) People are lazy, and this may also cause other serious illnesses.

Most of us will be hooked when we watch our favorite TV channels. We sometimes even forget to do our job or other important things because we are involved in the programs we are watching. Some people forget to do housework because they prefer to watch TV instead of work.

4. ) Some programs do not teach good value.

There are TV programs that can not teach children good values.

In general, when you watch TV, you should choose and monitor TV programs, rather than teach them good, and even imitate, re-enact or deceive the important things that happen around us, which is detrimental to children. You and your child should look. Choose a program that can help you learn and grow into people. You should also limit the time spent by the child watching TV. Children should watch TV for a maximum of three hours, and for teenagers, you should make sure that they only watch the show after completing homework and the project.