Wet Milk – Better to Increase Pencil Size

These days, men want to have larger penis. This is because there are reports that seven out of 10 women are satisfied when they are in bed. There are some claims that couples choose to interrupt their relationship because another person is not satisfied with her partner. Most of these things happen to men. So if you want to have a satisfying relationship, then start the appearance of your body from the whole and start to improve your penis size.

Well, you may be looking for different ways and how can you improve your penis size. There are a lot to be found; however, not all of these can prove that they are safe and effective. A good thing is that there is a penis exercise, most men choose to apply, it is through the wet milking. If you want to start it, keep in mind that the use of reliable lubricants is essential. Do not just use soap or shampoo because it will only irritate your penis. Do not try to do exercise when you are completely erect. Here's how to start wet milking practice steps:

1. Warm yourself – you should start from the area where your penis is heated. You may want to use hot pack or start hot shower.

2. Apply Lubricant – When you successfully warm the penis area, the next thing you should do is apply a sufficient amount of lubricant around the penis. Through wet milking practice, you need to lubricate around. However, when it starts to dry, simply stop and add more lubricant. You can partially erect your penis, only about 50 to 60%, but not over it

3. Take a "OK mark" – for you to do this thing, just put your thumb and index finger together. Hold the base of the penis, which is the other end of your head. Remember that the palm of your hand must be far from the body.

4. Pull it up – the next step must be pulled out by gently pulling the body. Move your finger all the way into the shaft until the head. Try to use your right hand to do the same thing.

5. Repeat – keep repeating this action to a rhythmic way. It will only be like milking, can be compared to one-way or reverse masturbation. You can repeat the time you want, as well as the number of repetitions.

When doing this, you think you are erect, just stop and ease yourself until it fades. If you think you are ejaculation, you should stop and concentrate on controlling the impulse. Remember that you are zooming in on your penis size rather than happy