What are the advantages and disadvantages of a two-key apartment?

Most people do not really understand the concept of a double-key apartment. This means you buy a property that shares a main door and hallway. However, the main unit and the adjacent studio are created separate entrance. In Singapore, this concept is being modified by some developers, such as the upper real Longgang Heron Bay executive apartments. Even with small development, the idea is attractive to local and foreign families.

This concept is best suited for extended families who want to be close to each other. With the kids at the nearby school, there is a door that is right, so they can not be inside the house, but not in every apartment because they have separate entrances. It is very safe for parents to go to work and know that their children can combine with each other without being mistaken for the house really.

If you intend to purchase because you need to keep the kids near the school, then yes, the price of these two-key apartments is affordable even if you have a Two homes. The maximum rent you can get is about $ 1,000. Three-bedroom unit price is only about 837,000 US dollars. Buyers in Singapore for the first time qualify for a provident fund housing subsidy of $ 30,000.

Older Parents

These units may be of benefit to couples and elderly parents who need their private lives but want to be close to each other.


For executives and entrepreneurs who need a separate office or home office, the idea is very new and many people are still trying to figure out how much they have gained. The double key is a good idea. However, there is one thing you may not like. If you ask your colleagues to discuss important things in your office, they will know where you live.

During the pre-sale period you will get a discount option to resell

You Need to Know and Pay Attention to Double Key Apartment

Know that you may not be able to rent your favorite units. Sometimes, prices fluctuate. Depending on market readiness, if you rent, you can only get up to $ 1,000.

Public Areas

Some double-key properties may have shared kitchens and lounges. You can ask the seller before submitting the down payment. Other units have only one front door and corridor. The rest are separate. If this suits you, then first clarify the shared space