What are the benefits of flea markets? The following are some things to ensure your success

It is easy to make money in flea markets and swap deals, but many people are reluctant to return because they are not sure when they start selling.

Most people have enough money to sell items. They are often in such a position that they can not bundle their own money together to sell the goods forever, need a fairly fast turnover.

Also, for many people, this could have been quite scary before ever sold in the flea market. If such a limited amount of money is spent on some unexamined and unconfirmed things, it may make them hesitant.

I often tell my friend that this is a nonsense.

There is a clear distinction between "demand" and "want" It is important that you know what it is. People do not always buy what they need, but they always buy what they want.

Obviously people need toilet paper. But do they always want toilet paper? No, especially if they are enough at home

But people will always want something they do not need, such as letting them be happy, make them look good and make them feel more it is good. Will make them laugh and will make them more money.

Children need food, clothes, shelter and love. Do they need a new toy every week? No, but they want to "one, the parents open the wallet and buy them, because when the child is happy, the parents feel better.No people appreciate a crying, screaming young people! (If they have two children, they can not only Buy a toy because the kids will fight so they buy two.)

Does the father really need a new wallet? Sometimes, yes, but usually not, but a new wallet is good They are better than they are. They will buy a new wallet because they want one.

Women and shoes are the same.Many women in the closet have ten pairs of shoes, a few months did not encounter, But they want "another pair of shoes, even if they do not need" another pair.

A new wallet always makes a woman feel better, is not it?

Think about your Basic desire. People are the same we all want more money, we all want to look good, feel good, healthy, happy, feel important, feel the need and love.

In the thought of the completion of these things. Makeup to help women look very good, feel good for themselves. Make us look good clothes also make us feel good.We always feel a pair of new shoes, we are not it?

Now let's make a further increase.

Sales, sales are not long things, is "consumables" means that your customers will use the products they buy from you that will run out and need to come back later to buy

such as shampoo, Skin lotion, perfume, cosmetics, ink and ink cartridges, paper products, food, soda and so on

Even though DVDs can not wear quickly, they are still "consumables." People bought them and watched They have a few times, "want" a different movie.

There are many items that are "consumables." I believe you can think of more.

The sale is good, but there is a way to make more money on each sale.

This is called the sale

People always need sunglasses.

Because they scratched them, maybe they also wanted to buy a case to put them in. So do not just sell sunglasses, and sell sunglasses is also the case of selling sunglasses. The By increasing the number of sales per sales, you will increase your daily profit and achieve greater success.

Same as shoes. Need an extra pair of shoes or a bracelet?

Are these lovely belts going with those pants?

There are some to consider the size. People have a lot of different sizes, so if you decide to sell shoes, you will need a lot of different sizes to make them start to spend quite expensive.

The same applies to different sizes of clothing.

However, even if the children are different in shape and size, children's clothing is almost never worn before the child grows up, so children's clothing may be worth it. they. If the child is not big enough to fill this shirt or coat, they will "grow". Many people sell second-hand children's clothing in the flea market, exchange meetings.

Specialization. Some suppliers, especially those who sell second-hand goods suppliers, sell everything and anything. They do not know any particular type of project. However, the new merchandise seller will focus on some kind of "commodity type"

If you sell DVD, then you should not sell tools, clothing and a variety of other things. Selling a particular type of item will help improve your profits because your customers will tend to treat you as an expert on the item. If I am looking for a particular movie, I will tend to watch DVD people, not those who sell some DVD plus a lot of other things. DVD people will learn more about what I am looking for and can better help me find it.

If you also want to sell tools, car audio, clothing, what is not, why not rotate each as a separate business? Renting a space for each type of goods

The only thing that sells a certain "type" of goods on a flea market, but selling something that is the same as all other commodities is always always a bad idea

Walk through the flea market, pay attention to what sellers sell, but also note how many manufacturers sell the same type of goods. There may be five to ten different people selling DVDs. Why did they sell the same thing? Because they make money if they do not make money, they will not come back every weekend, build up.

Larger flea market can easily support several people selling the same thing. Some people will buy you when you see other people selling the same thing and vice versa.

There is not a special item sold in the flea market, there are many. The most important thing to decide to sell is that if this is something that people want (not just need it), and when you need to re-store the monitor, you can get more and more easily.

The last thing to consider: new goods take-away second-hand goods two to one. New items such as computers, stereo sound also comes with instruments, guaranteed and "new" feeling that you will never get something with the use

The sale of new goods also means that more is the same

Have you ever thought that there might be so many different things in deciding what to sell in the flea market?

Hope you will now be able to confidently spend your money to provide the quick turn you are looking for and make you an immediate success.