What color eye shadow works with green eyes? How to choose makeup color perfect

Do you know how to create beautiful, stunning eyes really popular? Do you want people to see you at first glance to see you as beautiful green eyes? The real secret of make-up is to add what you already have. Especially in eye shadow. The color you choose can be different.

Eyes are one of the first things to notice when you look at a person. They are the focus of attention that can be fine in many different ways. Eye makeup definition of the eye more, you can be as creative as you like.

Color, color, color

So what color can you use in your green eyes and let them stand out? Although you have heard that you can avoid green. All the green eye shadow are camouflage your gorgeous eyes.



Bold, brighter color. If you have a slight skin, you will want a brown eyeliner, not black, or even a plum or purple eyeliner.

Place the colored eyeliner in the corner of your bottom eyelash area and then line the whole top eyelashes with the same color. Then try a light eye shadow, put it in the eyebrows bones area, and then cover a dark shadow

Today there are so many different types of products that you are not limited to what type and color you use. Now you can use a variety of powder, cream and sparkling powder to match your eyes. Please also note that Almay has eye cosmetic for green eyes, and you may want to try

Eye Makeup Application Tips

When applying eye shadow, the correct technique Can create more "popular" than the actual make-up color. So take the time to learn the right application to maximize your makeup from your eye makeup.

Traditional eye shadow powder is easy to use with a small brush and foam pad. For size appearance, mix two colors of powder or one color of powder at the top of the bottom of the creamy shade. You can choose to use your own brushes instead of brushes and applicators in cosmetic wraps. In this way, you can have longer brush handles and more control applications.

Use creamy eye shadow, please remember that less is more. Cream shadows generally come from small squeeze tubes that really enhance the appearance of the eye, gently apply through the lid, and if you wish, reach your brow.

Run or "melt" eye shadow – many women's fusion eye shadow is a problem, but there is a way to use it to "stick" a little time.

Eye Makeup Safety Tips

[1945900] The eye is also very sensitive to the body if you use a moist eye shadow brush and put a layer of flour on the lid and allow it to be placed Part of it. It is very easy to infect in the eyes, doing so can permanently affect your eyesight.

You should not share eye makeup, which may cause eye infections. Try not to make makeup in your eyes if you rinse out with warm water as soon as possible.

[1945900] Eye Care

When the eyes are swollen, swollen or swollen, the right eye does not matter. You need to know how to take care of this delicate eye and make your green eyes always look the best. Here are some basic eye care tips that will help your eyes look hot day and night.

1. Sleep at night enough

2. Drink plenty of water every day

3. Avoid salty food and keep you in water.

4. Some of the moisturizers that are not designed for the eye area can cause edema.

5. Before applying eye makeup, place it in cold water for a few minutes with a metal spoon and then gently press to the area of ​​the eye.

6. At the end of the day, cold cucumber slices on the eye are a very comfortable technique.

7. If you prefer to wake up with "bags under the eyes", please look up.

8. Before going to bed must be completely clear eye cosmetics.

9. Avoid using irritating chemicals to remove your eye makeup.

10. Keep in touch with cleaning and regular replacement

Follow these steps to make your eyes look fresh and young, so when you apply makeup beautifully, they will be more beautiful

Eye makeup

It is essential to clear all cosmetics before going to bed at night. Need to keep skin healthy. If you leave a cosmetic on your face, it may cause clogging of the pores and smooth skin, but the makeup on the eye may cause eye irritation.

may also cause red eyes. No matter how tired you are, you always spend a few minutes to remove makeup for your own benefit. If your area around your eyes becomes irritable, you may start an allergic reaction in the area. Your eyes can not only turn red, you can also feel the pain and itching of the eyes.

Of course, removing eye makeup is the hardest to remove all cosmetics. However, there are some tips that can be helpful in this regard.


Make-up, you can still follow the same basic direction. Remove the cotton balls with a cleaning product and gently wipe the goggles and, if necessary, use a warm moist towel to remove the cleaning product.