What determines Twitter followers order? – Quick Guide

What Are Twitter Followers Order?

Twitter has become one of the fastest growing online social networking sites. It is easy in a very short period of time to accumulate a large number of friends and followers. The difficulty I encountered was to know how to find someone who followed me because of any particular reason I wanted to tweet. I found myself experiencing page followers looking for their name or icon icon, so I can send text messages to them. Which makes me start to wonder what is the follower order for Twitter? I've found two ways to help you understand how Twitter determines the order of your followers.

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After logging into the home page on Twitter, visit those who follow you People's options. On the right side of the column, the first thing you will notice is the icon grid follower state. It's six o'clock, showing the little face of the person who follows you. How do you determine who's appearing in your grid state? The fact is that a script shows the random faces of people who follow you. You can log in multiple times, each time you see different faces in different places. The faces in this grid do not have any logic, they are random. So if you have more than thirty people to follow you, you will not be able to find the person you are looking for through this method.

Followers / View All Links

Since the icon grid tracker status is not much help, if you have hundreds of followers, you have two Have other options to find your friends on Twitter. You can click on the icon below the grid follower status, then select "View All" or you can click on the link at the bottom of the followers. Both links take you to the same page. That is where you will have a follower of the page and does not seem to order them.


What determines the order of Twitter followers Start to follow your nearest person will be on the first page and start to follow your long time ago to the end. The order is based on when they start to follow you. The latest people who follow you will be ranked first on the first page. So if you are looking for specific people, you need to know when they start to follow you. When they start tracking you to determine the order in which they appear on Twitter.