What is the average speed of male ejaculation?

When a man prepares ejaculation, the body will undergo a series of events

He will see the size of the penis head may also become purple. His testify of the gland will secrete the exudation from the urethra. His testicles will move to his body and increase the size. In addition, he may encounter physical rinse, muscle tension, increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure

Before ejaculation, he will feel the vas deferens, seminal vesicles and prostate contraction, causing semen (ejaculation) collected at the bottom of his penis swimming pool. He will feel a "itch" feeling. When preparing ejaculation, he will feel "throbbing" around his urethra

Ejaculation will leave his penis at roughly the same speed as 28 miles per hour from the city bus. But it can reach 43 miles per hour, depending on how long he was last time. (This is really funny, the game until someone has lost his eyes!)

Once he ejaculates, the scrotum and testicles will return to normal. He will have a relaxed general feeling and experience a refractory period (where his body can no longer be erected). This period may be from a few minutes to a longer time, depending on his age.

Sex Tip: Unless he does not come back, you can stop him from ejaculation (but very gently) squeeze the tip of the penis