What is the role of stockbroker?

A stockbroker is a professional who sells stocks and other securities through stock investors' bookstores in the stock market. According to US law, you need to work as a stockbroker through a general securities agency exam or exam 7. Brokers provide different types of services for their clients

Execution only – In this service, brokers only trade in the direction of the investor. This is the basic and most commonly used service for brokers.

Consultation Transactions – In this service, brokers not only execute the customer's buying and selling instructions, but also provide investors with what stock to buy and

any deal – which is provided by the broker Comprehensive service. In this case, the broker has the right to make an investment decision on behalf of the investor.

These are the basic services provided by the stock market brokers, depending on the services you have ordered. For example, if you are well suited to stock market analysis and can watch the stock market and invest in stocks on a regular basis, it is best for stock brokers to execute your order.

If you have a relatively new investment in the stock, or if you do not have enough stock analysis knowledge, or if you do not have enough stock analysis knowledge, the time or resources for the in-depth study of the stock market, the consulting service is valid for you The It will not only implement your trading direction, but also provide you with effective tips and guidance on stock market investment. While this will become more expensive, you can benefit from the technical knowledge and experience of brokers and their research and analysis teams.

The full service broker is not keeping the time or knowledge of the portfolio. In this case, the broker takes all the decision to invest in the stock. This is the most expensive brokerage service, but then it does not take any time for stock investment.

Like different types of stock brokerage services, there are also different types of brokers. It is advisable to choose from well-known stock trading companies when choosing your stock exchange brokers, as this will ensure that you have a strong infrastructure from the analysis and experience of the stock market. This also applies to the selection of your online trading company who will conduct online transactions on your behalf