What is this called a baby monitor?

The Baby Monitor is an electronic device that allows parents or guardians to check the baby even if they are not in the same room or place in the house. These usually include monitors and receivers. It basically captures the baby's voice or image and sends it to the receiver.

Other displays have the ability to bidirectional functions that allow parents or guardians to interact with their babies. It is very useful for parents to take care of their baby while they are busy doing housework. It can save more time, while ensuring the safety of the child.

The baby monitor is divided into four types:

1. Audio Monitor

This monitor can capture sound and send it through the receiver. You can hear the baby is crying or the baby needs immediate attention. It is mainly run on multiple frequencies to avoid signal interference. It also has a low battery indicator and volume control to adjust the sound settings.


As the name suggests, this monitor can capture images and sound. These images can be viewed on a TV screen. Some video monitors are equipped with an infrared function, so the incubator can be monitored even when the lights are turned off.

3. Sound and light monitor

This monitor uses sound and light to represent children's activities. It uses a special set of LED lights. If there is a child activity, there are some specific minor movements. In addition, in addition to its basic functions, most of this type of display also has a range of indicators.

4. Interphone Monitor

By using this monitor, the walkie-talkie is used to transfer sound from the baby zone to a different receiver by pressing a button. It also uses the traditional type of baby monitor used previously.

These baby monitors work in both settings, wired and wireless connections. Wired connections can provide you with a stable connection between the monitor and the receiver. The thing here is that you need to run wires or cables through the house if you want to carry the receiver anywhere in the house there will be some difficulty. The wireless connection may be better because you can carry it, but you may encounter problems with signals from other home appliances. The signal range may also be a factor.


Many people have misunderstood the purchase of baby monitors. They believe they can leave the baby alone, still able to monitor them. Parental supervision is still very important. These baby monitors are electric.

We need to take additional precautions to deal with these types of electronic equipment. Avoid contact with liquids. This may result in damage to the display and may result in severe shock. Do not put it in direct sunlight or hot places.

may also affect the internal circuit. Try reading the user manual to ensure that the monitor is set up correctly. The most important thing is to keep the monitor away from the child's distance.

If you are now looking for a baby monitor, here are some useful suggestions for you to consider. You can choose the type of baby monitor you want to purchase to suit your needs. Also consider how you set it up at home.

Do you want to put the radio at home, or install several receivers at home? You can seek advice from friends and relatives who have already used the baby monitor or search the Internet and check which brand and type of baby monitor is strongly recommended.

Before the purchase, test the baby monitor in the store. Check that everything is working properly. Check whether it has a volume and an acceptable range of signal adjustments.

If the store offers a decent warranty for the product, it will be better. As long as you can use it to protect the safety of our children, you need to make sure that whatever your price is, you will get all the needs.