What makes the overseas investment of olive trees successful?

Olive trees throughout the Mediterranean basin. They are also growing in other parts of the world. The tree can live for centuries, in fact, has a 2000-year-old tree. The tree has edible fruit, olives can be pressed and processed into olive oil. Anyone traveling outside the Mediterranean city may see their orchard. Many of them have lived at home for many generations. All of this presents a pretty picture, but whoever makes money with olives. What is the problem of finding offshore investors for investors to invest in olive trees overseas successfully?

The answer is not necessarily simple. In Spain, which is the world's leading oil producer, is not easy to find land to grow olives, and then is not easy to enter the cooperatives or have a processed plant before refining the fruit acid, will not produce high quality oil. In fact, unless individuals or companies want to buy an existing orchard or processing plant, it is difficult to conduct business in Europe. On the other hand there are other places

The olive grows best in the land of its Mediterranean basin. However, the major producers in Europe. North Africa has a compatible climate, from Morocco to Algeria to Tunisia. Tunisia produces 8 per cent of world production and is the fourth largest producer after Spain, Italy and Greece. Morocco produces a few percent of the world's total, but Algeria has the right climate and the right soil is not in the picture, but

As Africa's second largest land Algeria has a lot of space. Algeria is now embarking on a large-scale program of planting one million hectares of olives. Foreign companies participate in this huge project through their local subsidiaries. One company will plant 1500 hectares with Arbequinia olives. The tree grows a small brown olive, which produces 20% of its weight in oil, is cold-resistant and drought-resistant. The company plans to plant trees in a "super-dense" culture of "1760 hectares per hectare". 500 hectares will be reserved for private investors who will earn an investment interest and produce $ 2 per hectare of olive oil per hectare

In a world where olive oil consumption is increasing, the place where olives are invested is not It is now the main producer country. The place to look is in the growing producer. It may be argued that producers will emerge around the world, but the Mediterranean climate is still the best choice for olive production. As a result, the North African coast will be the place where investors look for successful olive groves, processing plants and exporters