What should I consider when choosing a bathrobe or a robe?

1. Do i plan when to wear a robe?

We often wear bathrobes as a quick cover and wear or relax before going to bed. If you wear this type of robe, terry cotton or cotton / polyester is a good choice. If you like the soothing soft warm robe than the synthetic velvet or polyester robe provides a good choice. Cotton / bamboo selection is another soft and silky fabric, easy to wear and dry after wet

If you buy a robe in a hot tub, you may want to consider when they become wet, the fabric How do you feel? Terry cotton and other cotton fabric combination fabric in the hot tub or swimming pool, the robe wrapped up their own, will become wet after a cold. The fact that the warmer months may not be a major problem, but the robe may feel uncomfortable in the cold winter. Polyester fabrics do not absorb moisture, so feel warm when the weather is colder. In hot weather, terry cotton and cotton / bamboo fabric will absorb the moisture of the skin, after swimming or into the hot tub will feel colder.

2. Do i want a full length or shorter robe?

When we think of a robe, a long flowing comfortable robe is easy to think of. However, if you are using a shorter robe for quick changes, or through pajamas in the morning, you may need to decide whether you need a shorter robe. Longer comfortable robe is recommended to rest and relax at night, or read the newspaper on a lazy Sunday morning, take a latte. If you use a robe as a cover after a soothing bath in a hot tub, a longer robe may be a good choice for a cool or windy month, while a shower or a robe may be a cooler choice when it is hot

3. What is the difference between fabric or fiber?

The difference in fiber or fabric used to make robe is mainly whether the fabric absorbs moisture or resists moisture. Fabrics made with terry cotton, 100% cotton, bamboo / cotton or cotton / polyester can absorb the moisture of the body. Cotton velvet for your body to provide a smooth feeling, but not like the fiber is more closely cut as easy to absorb moisture. Synthetic fiber fabrics use polyester fibers that are resistant to moisture. Synthetic Vitamins provide a soft sense of luxury, close to the body, providing warm and not feel wet.

5. Why choose 100% organic cotton robe?

The fibers used to weave the fabric can be grown using chemicals, or dipped in protective chemicals, which produce allergic reactions in some people. Has produced 100% organic cotton robe, does not contain harmful chemicals. This process ensures that these robes do not produce an allergic reaction when someone wears a robe. If you or someone you buy a robe has an allergic reaction, the organic cotton robe is a good choice.

6. Sometimes the term describing the size of the robe is confusing. What is the difference between a man's robe and a woman's robe?

The main difference lies in the design of the length and manner of the robe. Men's robe is usually larger in the shoulder area and then offers a more relaxed overall fit. Most people are relatively long.

Women's robes tend to be smaller with narrower shoulders. Ballet dancers and spa robes are shorter and can be used as a cover to put them on cosmetics or style before going out to social activities / work.

Men and women are either "one size fits all" / most "robes tend to have a more relaxed design, not form fit.If you buy a neutral bathrobe, you can usually choose the size you have to choose the shoulder or chest Size and height measurement If you need a plus size robe, then men and women general robe is usually a good choice, because you can match the size and robe to ensure comfortable when wearing a robe.