What size scooter bolts should I buy

You buy a new skateboard. You have all the bits in your shopping cart, but you do not know what size of truck bolts you need.

Why do they different lengths of bolts I hear you ask? The answer is very simple and there are different thickness boost mats available depending on the thickness of the mat you are using. You will need a different length of truck bolts

Skateboard trucks can sit on deck or use a lift pad Between this.

If you ride your skateboard truck flat wood then 0.78 "truck bolts will do the job well.

If you ride your skateboard truck flat wood then 0.78" truck bolts will do a good job If you use a 1/8 "riser pad, then 1" truck bolt will cover you well (0.78 "will be too short and nuts will quickly fall off when you ride the skateboard) if you double


Hope this small article helps you and makes your curse on your riser pad as you ride a larger skateboard wheel and then try a 1 1/4 "bolt,

Always ask a good suggestion Skateboard shop you should be nice. A good skater owned shop

Always ask a good suggestion Will have a good knowledge of the products they sell