What to wear brunch wedding

brunch wedding more and more popular. Couples like them because they have a relaxed family friendly feeling, and because they are cheaper than traditional wedding dinners. One day the wedding dress held in the morning may be quite different from the formal wedding ceremony. It was a wedding dress for brunch.

Dress up in the morning may be confusing. The usual techniques we use to make decorative festivals, such as sparkling jewels, flashing fabrics, etc., are not suitable for brunch. However, the wedding at any time of the day is a special occasion and therefore requires a special equipment. The year is also different, because a winter brunch wedding is more suitable for the summer.

wedding dress man quite straightforward. For brunch, wearing a pair of jackets and tie a pair of beautiful pants is the ideal choice. If the wedding eventually tends to be more casual, it is a simple thing to remove the jacket. Dress shoes will be a good choice for shoes. In the morning, male wedding guests can try more colors and patterns, rather than like a formal party.

Women's wedding guests have more space to wear what clothes, which makes it more fun to wear clothes, and more chaotic. For summer brunch wedding, fancy design in the knee length dress or skirt will be pretty. It can wear lovely units or pretty low sandals, pearl earrings and a little handbag. Even during the day, your daily wallet is not suitable for weddings, so choose a cute little cloth cover clutch. Other accessories to consider include a small lint skirt or wrapped in a piece of clothing that may be an elegant wide-brimmed hat with a ribbon. The hat will be a fantastic outdoor brunch wedding and will help dress up a simpler sundress style. Away from any jewelry or clothing with lots of jewels or flashing morning weddings

If the brunch's wedding in the winter is going to dress up more. Beautiful jacquard dress will be ideal. Or in the elegant fabric to find a unique combination of skirts and jackets, and silk or cashmere shell paired. Looking for a skirt or dress, slightly below the knee, not on the floor. Another good choice is a pair of custom velvet trousers, wearing satin flat shoes and cashmere sweater. Black is a morning wedding quite harsh, so looking for other colors of clothes. Dark winter tones such as plum, chocolates and forests are lovely, and neutral people such as tin or champagne are also the same.

Autumn weddings are often hard to dress up because of their festive fabrics between the summer and the rich. For autumn brunch wedding, think it is comfortable. Wearing an elegant high-heeled boots and a pair of beautiful beads pearl earrings wearing a jacket is very suitable for wearing. A woolen skirt with a silk blouse or cashmere sweater will be another option, as long as the pieces are not as commercial or too casual. In other words, a pink twist dress and a chocolate brown sweater, with a pretty bowknot will be cute, but a gray suit or a heavy fisherman's sweater is too commercial and too casual.

The trend of brunch wedding may be more and more popular, so it is helpful to know what kind of celebration to wear. Like any wedding, miss a little dress too much instead of putting too little effort. Stay away from the only costumes, such as cocktail dresses, low waist blouses and too much flash, you will look delicious for a brunch reception.