What's the difference between the bestseller? Check the cover

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For the vast majority of authors, new and experienced writers, a book of good books is essential

The first question you may ask is

"Well these well-known writers behind them have publishers and a lot of budget to pay for top artists"

Really, but there are several options that make you can make the best for your latest works

Of the works of art are far superior to the so-called mainstream

These artists are passionate about their work, many people are ready to produce their own works or permits, Some of the existing works are used for book cover

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There are many websites on the Internet selling royalty-free images, in most cases you can use to create your own book cover

There are professional pictures while amateur photographers can enjoy Royalty-free license for a few dollars.

3) Create your own

Okay, now it may be daunting for most people.

You are very artistic temperament, then today's available art programs Has great features that can be used to create some amazing works of art for your book cover or any other items such as promotional leaflets

It will also be very simple that you can go out and take pictures yourself using photos to modify Software to change the photos so that you like and create your cover.

These topics on the cover of book cover have many considerations and more information

For more information on these topics, please refer to my book cover design Article