When the stock market begins – the market begins and learns the lessons of the guide

So when does the stock market begin, the investment world officially begins? Many people today want to know the answers to help them learn the trends of the past, some just because they want some interesting information

Today, many people think the stock market is as simple as Wall Street; in fact, this belief is not true of. Wall Street is actually the birthplace of the stock market we know today.

Wall Street was first established in 1653 by the Dutch immigrants. The Dutch built a wall in this area, as a protective barrier against possible attacks on Indians. Of course, they had no clue at the time, this simple structure was used to prevent any Indian attack located in a position to become the capital of the economic and financial world.

The walls were shelved for 32 years until it was eventually demolished, a new street was built in its place. You guessed it – Wall Street was born

After quite a while, the exchange began in the streets, now supervising the hand-word billions of dollars every day.

In the early 1900s, many people made a lot of money on the market with little risk until there was no significant risk of collapse or loss of money at that time. This risk-free return came to an abrupt end in 1929, with the stock market crashing, followed by the Great Depression

Unfortunately, this was not the last time the market experienced a severe recession. Since then, the market has experienced a variety of fluctuation, but in general since then has risen. However, often only one market crash can be a lifetime savings and investment overnight, as it does too much else.

After an extraordinary collapse in 1987, the government tried to intervene more to protect the majority of investors' retirement savings in the market. However, their efforts are largely unsuccessful because the market is still as volatile as ever.

Do not be discouraged; Overall, the market has grown by an average of 9% annually since its inception, and despite its carrier's risk, is still an awesome place to invest your money. The way to make money is to educate yourself about the world of finance and investment and be able to find good opportunities without the help of stock analysts

All too many people just want to make money fast in the market without realizing the vast majority The world's top investors have gained this status by holding stocks for a long time. So if you really want to get the wealth out of your investment, find a company that shows financial viability for a long time and has a good future

Next, check the company's current price In the sale. If it seems to be selling at a reasonable price (computing this part is a bit more complex and far beyond the scope of this article; there are many great books you can read on the subject) and then buy it to see if your net worth increases yearly