Where to Buy Golf Clubs Online

When buying golf equipment online, many people think of eBay (especially the old club) and the "main" online golf course. Auction Website

Yes, with eBay, it really can not be beaten online auction. EBay is unmatched in choice and volume. However, if you are not careful, you may be hit on eBay (see the tips section below). Here are some other auction sites you might want to try:

o Online Auctions (USA) – I found about 200 golf items available for auction. Mainly golf, gloves and other debris … not too many clubs in the way.

o Golfbidder (UK / Europe) – Mainly sells used golf clubs from UK golf club professionals (a small fraction of which comes directly from the public). While most clubs are sold as "real-time", some are auctions. Grays Online (Australia) – The seller of this website is for sale by manufacturers, resellers or retailers who are trying to move redundantly.

o Grays Online (Australia) – The seller of this website is for manufacturers, resellers or retailers who are trying to move superfluous Or slow moving stock … not a consumer to a consumer auction. Not necessarily a bad thing, because it reduces some of the risks, but it also reduces the scope. While there were only about 40 golf racquets when I last looked at auctions, there were some good deals. Worth a look

I generally avoid buying new golf equipment through an online auction. While you can take some precautions, it's hard to know if you are getting a real project or just a knockout.

There are quite a number of mature online golf stores that invest heavily in their brands.

Major Online Stores

There are quite a number of mature online golf stores. Some are better than others, but you should not expect any surprises, you should expect quality service, timely delivery, refund policies and a lot of information to buyers (such as buying guides). Some of the better ones include:

o Golfsmith

o Golf course

o Callaway Golf

o Rockbottom golf ball

o Golf Course United States of America

o Golf discounts

o Ostad's Golf

o Golf

o Snydon Golf

Online Golf

Some great online golf communities have been formed over the past few years and you can now choose from dozens of online golf forums Become part of.

Since the golf forum is a common interest among people in small (ish) communities, it is a very supportive and secure environment in which to buy and sell equipment. If you are unsure whether the seller of the golf club is real, you can simply ask other forum members.

In these forums there are a lot of combinations of knowledge so bad apple quickly find

I think these are the best and they have a very active buy / sell / trade area:

o Golf WRX-about. 79,000 members (mainly the United States)

o Golf Magic – about. 77,000 members (mainly UK / Europe)

o iseekgolf – about.

[1945900002] Used Golf Equipment Store

The shops selling used equipment are eBay, classified ads and other online auction sites. Good alternatives. Larger use of online stores will generally have: (1) the use of a club inspection and certification process, (2) no problem with return policy, (3) a 12 month warranty,

o Callaway used products – Other brands such as Nike, Titleist, Ping, TaylorMade . 12 month warranty, money back guarantee and 90 day repurchase

o TaylorMade Second Hand Guarantee – 14 day money back guarantee and 12 month warranty


o Golfsmith – 30 day return policy. There is no guarantee – they comply with the manufacturer's warranty (may have expired!)

o Edwin Watts Golf – 30 day return policy. No warranty – they comply with the manufacturer's warranty

o Direct Golf (UK) – Use a club imported from Direct Golf Shops. 14 day money back guarantee. There is no guarantee


The Amazon market is very large …….. very large.

The Amazon marketplace is a bit like eBay, with sellers (big and small) registering to sell their new or used golf equipment in the Amazon. The difference is that these items are not being auctioned, they are sold at advertising prices. Amazon also offers a free subscription

Amazon also offers a free subscription

There is really only one top-tier club manufacturer online sales, this is Callaway.

Some manufacturers (listed below) While there are no online selling devices, they provide information and tools that will help online buyers:

Titleist – Titleist provides a truly comprehensive description of their products (including Vokey wedges and Scotty Cameron putters), as well as a list of their previous models. There is also some information found on fake Titleist equipment

o The Ping-Ping Web site has an online club accessories tool that would be useful if you plan to purchase a Ping device elsewhere. Ping also has some information on the discovery of spurious gears

o Odyssey – Here you can find a good online tool to find the right putter. You can purchase an Odyssey putter from the Callaway website

Online classified sites are another option that is mainly used for the use of golf clubs. Local classified newspapers are already online, so it's possible to find your local classifieds.

Craigslist has classified ads for global services so you should also have a global golf club where you can find the most golf clubs and if the seller is nearby you can drive to check club. look here. It is the 8th most popular site in the United States, with about 50 million unique visitors per month