Who is Phillip Master?

One of Philadelphia's best kept secrets is the Phantom Group, which we loosely call Philip Masters.

Although in 2008 won the World Series title, Phyllis's owner is still a mystery.

Unnamed individuals, when the club deals with Cliff Lee, we never see or hear that they might save $ 9 million in money. Now is the time for us to investigate these Phyllis ghosts, who are quite proficient in keeping stealth. David Montgomery is here for the owner to say, allowing so many years of horrible baseball, then lucky in 2008 and making sure fans never get to know who they really are.

David Montgomery recently said that Philip's owners are red since they took over the team. what! I think we should all come down and thank these wonderful people for their selfless abandonment of their hard earned money for our enjoyment. Correct. Montgomery was not lying, but he certainly bent the truth, as well as any politician there. I bet they have been losing money … at their operating costs. But team value is a completely different story. Let us say this: the original team in 1981 to 30 million US dollars to buy the team. The 2008 Philadelphia figure is reported to be worth $ 481 million (before winning the World Series). The value of this team has increased by 1,600% … 1,600%! Trust me, they're not losing money

Before revealing these Phillips ghosts, let's discuss how they became owners. In 1981, when Ruly Carpenter announced that he was in the sales team, Bill Giles formed a group of investors to buy Phillies. He's only spending $ 50,000 on his own, and he needs a little help. He has a 10% share of the team responsible for day-to-day operations and becomes a spokesperson for the group, allowing others to be hidden in the shadows.

Buck brothers invested $ 5 million. Widener family heir Fitz Dixon and racing tycoon Bob Levy totaled $ 3.5 million. John D. Betz of Betz Laboratories pledged $ 5 million.

In 1986, Taft Broadcasting sold 47% of its shares to Bill Giles and crew for $ 47.1 million. Bob Levy and Fitz Dixon have also been honored. Bill Gills in 1997 to his general partner position to David Montgomery, he also took a company note.

Jean Claire Bates, Buck Brothers, and John Middleton leave an unnamed source. Let's see what we can tap, we? Let 's look at the actors:

Claire S. Betz

Claire Bates is close to 90 years old, sharing time between his home in Gwynedd, Pennsylvania, and Lagos, Florida. Claire's husband, John Drew Bates, bought his share of Philip in 1981, and she took over ownership of a good soap opera. See, her son Peter Betz (Peter Betz) in 1988 by her 16-year-old grandson Justin Bates (Justin Betz) killed. Justin admitting that the third degree of murder, John died of 72-year-old cancer during the trial. That's what she's taking over. Inquirer's Bill Conlin evaluated a 33% stake in her team in an article in November 2007

Betz passed a family-owned water purification company called Betz Laboratories. Betz Laboratories later sold to General Electric. She and David Montgomery are also board members of the local conservation organization Schuylkill Center. When Clare died, other partners might buy her stocks

Buck Brothers

Buck Brothers: Alexander Barker, J. Malone Barker, Jr. and William Barker. Tri-Play Associates, three brothers in T.D.H. Capital Corp., a venture capital firm headquartered in Radnor, Pennsylvania. The company was founded in 1977, mainly investing in small businesses.

They are also actively involved in local charitable activities, including gifts for zoos, orchestras and education. "The Bucks are very, very, very, very private," says John Doherty, general partner at TDH Capital. "

John Middleton

John Middleton, in his mid-1950s, split his time between Bryn Mawr and Stone Harbor. He was a graduate of Amherst College in 1977, according to them, "Middleton led his family's business, which included the McIntosh Hotel, Bradford Holdings and Double Play, Inc." He inherited A part of his father's ownership, Herbert H. Middleton. He is also a board member of Penn Medicine.

John is the most enthusiastic about the team. There are rumors that Middleton was an important reason Phyllis signed Jim Thom in 2002. He was declared "I pay him!"

announced in November 2007, Middleton for $ 2.9 billion price to his family cigar company sold to Philip Morris owner Olt Rhea Group. Fans have a short hope, perhaps, perhaps, we can have a title dedicated to winning. David Montgomery immediately closes those dreams. In a statement, Montgomery said: "John Middleton is a limited partner of Phyllis, his personal and commercial interests have no effect on the operation of the ball club.This is a very gentle Montgomery solemn statement. You will soon learn that what it means as a limited partner is limited. But if John Middleton can get a majority stake in some way he can call Montgomery if he wants to

Hard to say if Middleton even tried to buy a team, but at a ceremony held in Amherst in 2004, the program said, "Montgomery ran the show that he Just to reiterate the fact that the partner should leave is quite well known that John Middleton is some of the unusual problems – breaking loose money signing Jim Thom was considered one of them.

David Montgomery

Bill Gills hired David Montgomery in 1971 to work at the Phillies' ticket office, and later became the sales director. When the current team acquisition team, Gills in 1982 appointed Montgomery as his most senior assistant. Probably his most obvious offer is, "I just believe that the organization needs an image that is not directly related to victory and loss"

] Bill Gilles

Gills began his career as vice president of business operations in 1969, vice president of the team from 1982 to 1982, president of the team from 1982 to 1987, and general manager from 1984 to 1987. Gills decided to withdraw from the general partner and in 1997 won the title of managing partner. He is the son of the former National League President Warren Giles and the Honorary Chairman of the National League.

Limited Partners

Before Moving Forward, Knowing What It Means Helpful Limited partner. Bill Kanglin described it in more detail in his limited partnership article, but here is the cliff notebook version. Basically, the general partner (now Gilles Montgomery) collects the team, negotiates the sale of the team, is in charge of all debts and litigation, and gets a little extra salary form

Well, becoming a limited partner What means? This means they are limited to their cash investments, nothing else. Do not like what happened? Want to get rid of David Montgomery? so terrible. When they agree to the terms of a limited partner, they give the general partner all the power.

As Kerrin said to Montgomery, "It is very difficult to get rid of him unless you can prove the mistake and worse, and he says they may also have signed an agreement not to publicly criticize Philip's leadership.

We have no reason to hate anyone who runs the team.We do not know them, because we do not know what they are, They do not do anything illegal or unethical, we know. In fact, they seem to be very principled and elegant.

Buying a professional sports team is not just another investment, you can get your stockbroker to do all the work and call you to update from time to time. Especially when you ask the city and state $ 260 million to help

We have a rare opportunity to be great with the current team.We need to take advantage of this moment, while you have to give up your new stadium, you have given up the right to "very private" Middletown described Amherst

We can, our ownership group has shown us again and again that they will not do anything to help.We have missed a boat and forced Cliff Lee out.Let us stop there and let them get out of here.

Do not hold your breath. We will not get a new owner. Many people have tried, not a success. And Middleton would continue to pass on their own share until we were all ghosts, just as they were