Who Wants to Make Money on Wall Street and How to

Interestingly enough to see the diversity of ways to create revenue in trading scenarios. There are a myriad of ways, whether it be mathematical trading or value investing.

What is this: Behind the black and black, Scholes has found an option pricing formula that data transactions will become the main influence of the financial sector becoming more More obvious. Now known as financial engineering, in college students become very popular. Mathematical complexity is increasing, and people working in the industry are called "quantum". The most famous "quantum" may be Emanuel Derman, who also publishes a book titled "My Life as Quantum: Reflections on Physics and Finance." Founded in: David Shaw. There are computer science PhDs that can not hurt Shaw. He made a fortune to build an automated trading system that exploited the stock market exception. "Fortune" magazine called him "King Quantum." The company manages total capital of approximately $ 29 billion.

D. E. Shaw's employment opportunities are considered to be very competitive.

The long-term capital market is a hedge fund founded by John Meriwether in 1994. LTCM

The long-term capital market is the hedge fund founded by John Meriwether in 1994. It has Myron Scholes and Robert Merton on the board, two Nobel Laureates! In the peak period, it brings about 40% return to its investors.

The LTCM example teaches you that no matter how smart you are, some things can not be touched. A good book on LTCM is "the failure of the day: the rise and fall of long-term capital management"

George Soros

It is arguably the best speculator of all time. Soros is best known for his reflexive concept, which can be found in his book Alchemy: Reading the Heart of the Market.

Whether the theory is true or not, his record attests to this a little. On Black Wednesday (September 16, 1992), Soros became famous when he sold more than $ 10 billion pounds, which eventually led the Bank of England to devalue its currency.

Although he went bankrupt, but he was bankrupt

Twice, Niederhoffer is still considered top speculator . In 1996, MAR magazine named him the world's first hedge-fund manager. His new Matador fund mixed his philosophy of market philosophy with statistical methods in 2005 and reported a return of 56.2% in 2005

Niderhoffer has also written several books on his market-oriented philosophy.

What This Is: Trends followers believe that the market presents a trend of upward or downward. They sought to find a system to identify trends and "ride" to gain economic benefits.

Manages over $ 2 billion in customer assets.

John Henry He was born in an agricultural family, loves baseball from his age of nine. He described himself as average intellectually … and attended community colleges, and took countless evening classes, but never received his college degree. He is also the owner of the Boston Red Sox

Bill Dunn

Bill Dunn manages the Dunn Capital Management Company with a minimum initial investment of $ 10 million, enter.

What it is: By some form of fundamental analysis, holding their stocks. Value Investors

[1945900002] Warren Buffet

Not only the Warren Buffet is the most Worth noting the value of investors, the most notable investors in the world!

] Joel Greenblat is a St. Lawrence Seaway's chairman and a valuable investment guru. He advocated the purchase of "cheap and good company"

from 1985 to 1995 in the hedge fund Gotham Capital each year to achieve more than 50% annual return for 10 years, then close the fund and return the investor money!