Why a guy if you like you – you have to know 5 things

You have observed this particular person's behavior for a few weeks. His eyes, his way around you, what he says is that he really likes your indicators. But suddenly, you see his behavior changed. He starts to avoid you this article Share what you have to know 5 things Why a person if you like you can you avoid so you can get and keep a life worthy of your treasure The

# 1 must know that some people can not lose control of their emotions.

Like someone who is irresistible. When a man likes a girl and feels attracted to her, he starts to behave irrationally and sometimes can not control his own thoughts and feelings. Some people hate losing control of their emotions. And because controls his emotions more important to him than a girl such a person will do his ability to keep the emotions checked. He will avoid his favorite girl, so he can keep the control – because it is to make him comfortable life. This is his way of dealing with life

If the person you like is so, I urge you to leave him. Let him prefers himself.

[1945900] # 2 Must know: even if he agrees with him, he will spend a lot of energy to help him see him happy and out of control. You, he may still be dissatisfied with you, because of his discomfort.

This sounds crazy, but people can not act irrationally until someone makes a change and does something. However, a person needs to change the power and determination. Change may be difficult

Although some people say that love to conquer all, is it really sad that heart and drama are worth it? Leaving TV for TV shows and movies. Do not spend your precious time and energy to pursue a person who does not want to change from the inside. You should get one that can not help but want to see you every day the pursuit and romance!

# 3 Must know: a person will not avoid him TRULY like a girl

If a person really likes you, he will make it happen The He will give up Superman's time, effort and creativity to chase you and make you your girlfriend!

Many times you are at work, people who know at school, or who meet in social activities will be attracted by multiple girls at the same time. It's not just you do not be surprised if he also likes your best friend! So if a person likes you, it is likely that he may have been actively pursuing the girl he met yesterday because he could not wait to make his girlfriend!

But these are things he will not tell you. Even if his closest friend may not know that he is now actively pursuing a girl!

# 4 must know: men tend to keep their love private.

Men are often delayed to announce the pursuit of the girl's intention until successful. In this way, its double humiliation was rejected by his friend, because of failure and was ridiculed!

So, if a person avoids you when you think, then he may have taken seriously another girl yet. Instinctively, he knows to attract your feelings will endanger him with the dream of the girl's plan. So he avoids you keep his overall plan complete!

# 5 Must know: A guy in feels so attractive that you sound very romantic and he avoids you . But it is not!

Stop your obsession with this person who avoided you. Pay attention to the other people around you, try to impress you. These guys take the time to help you, lend them a refreshing opportunity! Appreciate them as an important part of your life. Honestly, why do not you give an interesting, loving person a chance? Do you realize that no one needs to spend time with you? They can also avoid you just like this guy … so appreciate what you have!