Why a woman to buy underwear

A linen T-shirt and spandex seems very comfortable pajamas. So why do women buy underwear when old clothes do? Women buy underwear basically three reasons: the feeling feminine, please her partner, just because she can

First of all, women need to feel sexy and feminine. why? Consider the following:

"Jane" is the mother of three at home. The oldest is T-ball after school. Her daughter has football. Therefore, she is unpaid taxi driver.

In fact, all three children are always hungry! If "Jane" is not a fixed snack, she is cleaning the dirty plate. When the stained cups and dishes are discarded, it is time to start preparing for the next meal. In addition, between the snacks and meals, and during the baby's nap, the house needs to be picked up and the washing machine is accumulating high. At the end of the day, "Jane" feels like a maid, driver, chef and wet nurse. Nothing similar to a vibrant, sexy woman is described in her daily work. Therefore, she is a typical example of why women buy underwear.

Secondly, in addition to helping mother and working woman feel full of vigor and sexy, underwear to her partner is happy. In fact, after a day mother, housekeeper and chef, is considered a sexy, vibrant woman's idea is very important. In the case of "Jane", she did not want to be seen as a wife and let herself go. She wanted to be a beautiful nanny. In her underwear, she is all the women, still attractive

Finally, women buy quality underwear just because they can. To be frank, most women like new clothes. Why should the wardrobe be limited to beautiful work clothes? Women should feel comfortable in the house and in the bedroom.

In short, women like high-end underwear, which is why women buy underwear reasons. Beautiful and tight-fitting clothes are the senses they can buy sexy and beautiful. In addition, maintaining a romantic energy helps a good relationship and a happier home. Finally, fashion is a great emotional boost. After a hard day at work, women like to slide into something more comfortable and relaxing. Why not feel lively and gorgeous at the same time. Women should be treated once a week, good underwear is a good way to end the day